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No waste. No leaks. No worries.

We are on a mission to end panicked sprints to the bathroom, sweaters tied around waists, and sleeping on towels.

Saalt will set you free. So check your backside in the mirror one last time and go live your life.

Waste Less. Reusable Period Care.

Waste Less

Zero waste, zero worries.

Just Comfort

No pads. No strings.


Save your wallet and the planet.

Saalt Bliss Guarantee

Love it or your money back.

This is the Saalt Story

“I started Saalt to help my aunt in Venezuela. Now tens of thousands of people have a better period every month in 50 countries across the world.”

Meet Saalt Wear. The thinnest, driest, and most comfortable leakproof period underwear.

Holds up to 6+ pads worth of periods, bladder leaks, sweat, and wetness while keeping you (magically) dry.

This is the Saalt Reusable Period Cup. It's like modern period magic.

It's comfortable, holds 3x more than a tampon, and lasts as long as your passport.

Take the Saalt period cup quiz to find the best size and firmness for your most comfortable period.



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“I’ve tried out a few different brands, with my hands-down favorite being Saalt Menstrual Cups. The comfortable menstrual cup I swear by.”