Travel Accessories Bundle

$32 $39

Easy travel with your cup, disc and period underwear.

The NEW Saalt Travel Kit makes it easy to keep your cup or disc clean, no matter how far from home you roam. And the Saalt Wear Go Bag is the perfect place to stash an extra pair of Saalt Wear for a mid-day quick-change on a heavy day. Get them both for less in this bundle, and say bon voyage to tampons and pads.

We're here to get you to period bliss. If you're not happy with your Saalt product, we'll send you a replacement you'll love or your money back per our Saalt Bliss Guarantee. Reach out to our Saalt Coaches at for personalized help.

Do good every wear.

Saalt is a B Corp. That means from every purchase, Saalt gives 2% to donate period care to areas with the most need, and funds initiatives in menstrual health, girls education, and sustainability. Thank you for (period) caring.

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