You’ve never met a team that cares more about your period! Here’s the skinny: reusable period care isn’t as intuitive as reusable water bottles, but with a little practice, it'll become second nature. We think you’ll love it–you'll probably wonder how you ever lived without it! For hygienic reasons, Saalt products are not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges. All Saalt products are final sale. However, we promise to share every tip and trick up our sleeves to help you get to period bliss. Reach out anytime at or DM us @saaltco for personalized help.

Saalt Cups:

We’re confident you’re going to love your cup! Because Saalt menstrual cups are regulated as medical devices, we don’t offer returns, refunds, or exchanges. However, if your cup is damaged or you don’t love it after a few cycles, reach out to us and we’ll make it right in a jiff.

Learning how to use a Saalt Cup is like learning to ride a bike. It can take some time, but don’t worry, no helmet, hills or scraped knees required. Our Cup Gurus are here to hold your hand every step of the way, but metaphorically... because you'll need your hand. 😉 Reach out anytime at for personalized help to get you to cup success.

Don’t forget to join our Saalt Cup Academy on Facebook for real-time tips and tricks from other savvy Saalt users.

Saalt Wear:

We designed Saalt Wear to be the most reliable and beautiful period underwear that performs for you. No leaks. No odors. No worries. So check your backside in the mirror one last time and go live your life. We period-promise you’re going to love it. 😉

To ensure you choose the best fit before you order, check out our Saalt Wear size guide or reach out to our Saalt Gurus at for personalized help.

For hygienic reasons, Saalt Wear is not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges. If you have any questions after your purchase, reach out to us. We’ll make sure you wear our Wear with confidence.

More questions? Check out our FAQs and video resources to help you reach period perfection.