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Your favorite Hanky Panky Signature Lace Styles, now with a leak proof, Saalt-powered gusset that holds up to 3 regular tampons or 3 panty liners of life’s leaks.

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Do leakproof underwear work? Watch the magic.

Yes! Hanky Panky+ [powered by Saalt] are designed to replace liners, pads, and tampons while leaving you feeling (magically) dry.

Premium Design. Comfortable Fit.

Feel confident and protected in your favorite Hanky Panky Signature Lace styles, now with leak proof confidence added in.

  • Patent-pending gusset technology

  • Reusable & replaces hundreds of pads and liners

  • Worry-free backup to a tampon, cup or disc

  • Not treated with PFAS

Image showing how to wash period underwear safely - place them in a mesh bag. Models hands shown placing pink Mesh Hipster Saalt Wear period-proof and pee-proof underwear being placed in a Saalt Wear Period Underwear Mesh Bag.

Take good care of Hanky Panky+ [powered by Saalt] underwear and it will take great care of you.

  • Rinse in cold water

  • Machine wash cold

  • Proudly hang dry

Do not use fabric softener or bleach to protect the tech | Do not iron

  • Kelsey R.

    I am in love with these undies! I wore them on my heavier days for half a day, and they did a great job. No leaks, no stains! The fit was perfect; great for when you are wearing low rise pants.

  • Natalie E.

    Is it weird that I was actually looking forward to my period to be able to rock these cute undies? Like lots of people said, these are cuter than a lot of my regular underwear and it's so nice to finally ditch the backup pad. Can't wait to get more in different colors to get me through period week!

  • Michelle C.

    These are great! The period panties I've ordered from other brands feel like thin diapers mixed with granny panties. These are cute, they work, and I'm definitely going to buy more!

  • Lani D.

    Love it!!! It's so soft and you wouldn't even know that it was a period panty. Will definitely purchase more & recommend to all my friends & family! I've already bought some for my teenager daughter.

Hanky Panky+ [powered by Saalt] FAQs

Will period underwear smell?

No, when cared for properly, your Hanky Panky+ underwear should not smell! The Saalt-powered gusset is treated with a bio-based solution for odor control that removes sweat odor and eliminates bacteria to keep you fresh and odor-free.

Can I put it in the dryer?

Take good care of Hanky Panky+, and it will take great care of you. 

After use, rinse your leakproof underwear in cold water to help avoid staining. Then, hand wash or machine wash on cold, preferably in a Saalt Mesh Laundry Bag intended for delicates. You can use detergent but pass on the fabric softener, bleach, and iron to protect the tech. Proudly hang dry—energy efficient and free. We recommend avoiding putting Hanky Panky+ in the dryer, as high temperatures can degrade the elastics and fabric over time.

Can I wear them all day?

Go with your flow! How long you can wear your leakproof underwear before needing to change will depend on your flow and the absorbency level of the style you choose. If you are free bleeding on your heavy day, you may need to change into a fresh pair after a few hours of wear. If you’re wearing your Hanky Panky+ as a backup to a cup or on a light day, you may be able to wear it all day. We recommend trying for the first time at home so you can see how your pair works best for your body and ~flow~.

Does Hanky Panky+ [powered by Saalt] have PFAS?

You can rest easy knowing that Saalt does not treat our fabrics with PFAS. You can learn even more about PFAS on our blog.

Saalt Bliss Guarantee

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