Saalt DiscSaalt Disc

Saalt Disc

Green period cup.Saalt menstrual cup.

Saalt Cup

Saalt Soft CupSaalt Soft Cup

Saalt Soft Cup

Saalt menstrual cup for teenagersSaalt menstrual cup for teens

Saalt Teen Cup

Period Cup PackSaalt Menstrual Cup Duo Pack

Saalt Duo Pack

Saalt soft menstrual cups packSaalt Soft menstrual cup duo pack

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Soft menstrual cup and firm menstrual cupSaalt Twin pack menstrual cups

Saalt Twin Pack


The Best Reusable Discs and Cups for Periods are at Saalt

Freedom from the tampon aisle starts here! Cars are faster, phones are smarter, it's time conventional pads and tampons got an upgrade too. Join the reusable period cup movement to save your white pants and the planet from period waste. Saalt menstrual cups and discs are non-toxic, odor-free, and made from 100% medical-grade silicone that can be worn for up to 12 hours while maintaining your natural pH levels and avoiding discomfort and dryness. Still have questions about discs and cups for periods? TMI welcome anytime. Check out our Menstrual Cup Guide, take our Period Cup Quiz today, or reach out to our Saalt Cup Coaches at