Period Sex? Yes, please! The Saalt Menstrual Disc has you covered.

Period Sex? Enter the Saalt Menstrual Disc

We all do it. We count the calendar days to see if we’re unlucky enough to have our period sync up with Valentine’s Day, our wedding, anniversary, or a date with a new fling. What if we told you you’ll never have to do that again?

Enter, the Saalt Disc. Literally. It’s a reusable menstrual disc that can be worn during sex to catch your period flow so you can focus on the fun at hand.

Because the Saalt Menstrual Disc sits in the vaginal fornix rather than the vaginal canal, you can have mess-free period sex with it in. It is made of a velvety smooth medical-grade silicone that is virtually sensationless. This means you can engage in whatever kind of intimacy you like, because “I’m on my period” doesn’t have to be an excuse to avoid sex….unless you want it to be.😉

Is period sex bad?

Good news, it’s not. In fact, there are actually benefits to having sex on your period (like you need convincing💗):

  • Sex drive can increase during menstruation from a drop in the level of progesterone flowing through your body. The Saalt Disc is there for when you just can’t deny it (1). 👀
  • Orgasms can help relieve period cramps. During sex, the body releases chemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine that act as painkillers and help to relieve discomfort and cramping (2, 3).

Tips for success:

  • Ideally, empty your disc shortly before you have sex. Don’t worry though; if you don’t have time to empty your disc beforehand, we’re confident that the Saalt Disc will keep you covered
  • Lay a towel down for peace of mind
  • Incorporate a water-based lubricant to help a penis, toy, or fingers glide easily
  • Engage in foreplay: the cervix will retreat a bit higher in the vaginal canal during arousal to make room for penetration

Reach for your Saalt Disc next time and don’t let your period get in the way when you’re in the mood!


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