Before First Use

Check the four air holes at the top of your cup to make sure they are open (these help break the suction seal so you can remove your Saalt Cup later).

Blue Saalt Cup

Boil your cup in water for 4–5 min (no more than 7 min) to sanitize it. Use tongs or a wire whisk to ensure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.

Blue Saalt Cup in Pot of Boiling Water

Wash your hands and cup with water and mild soap, and rinse thoroughly.

Washing hands under faucet


You’re doing great. See it’s easy. Now we are going to do a little origami.

  • The Saalt Cup folds before you insert it into your vagina. Here are two of the most common ways to fold your cup. Both are easy. Pick the one that works for you.
  • C-Fold: Fold the cup into a C-shape by flattening the cup and bending it in the middle to bring the two ends together.
  • Punch-Down: Use your index finger to press down on the rim to collapse the cup. Pinch to hold in place.
  • 7-Fold: Fold the cup so the rim makes a 7-shape by flattening the cup and then folding the top right corner of the rim across to the opposite side of the body of the cup.



C-Fold Flatten

Bring ends together

C-Fold Bring Ends Together

Punch-down fold

Press down on rim to collapse cup

Punch-down fold collapse rim

Pinch to hold in place

Punch-down fold pinch


Squeeze and flatten cup

7-Fold squeeze and flatten

Fold top right corner down, so rim forms the number 7.

7-Fold top right


  • Inserting your Saalt Cup is easier when using water as a natural lubricant.
  • You can insert your Saalt Cup while sitting, squatting, or standing with one leg raised.
  • Hold your folded Saalt Cup firmly below the upper rim. Get comfortable.
  • Spread your legs, and with one hand, gently separate. your labia and with your other insert your Saalt Cup slowly, rim-first into your vagina.
  • Slide it up and back at an angle (towards your tailbone, not straight upward), until the body of cup is completely inside.
  • You did it.


  • Position your cup lower than a tampon, but feel free to move it up a little if that's more comfortable.
  • Allow it to open. It’s okay for the cup to pop open once it’s inside the vaginal opening before it’s completely inserted. Once in position, release the cup.
  • To make sure it has fully opened, thus creating a suction seal against the vaginal wall, rotate your cup by pinching the base (not just the stem) and turning it. This will prevent leaking.


  • Double check to make sure the cup has opened by running a finger around the outside of the lower middle of the cup. If you feel any folds, rotate the cup again until it opens completely creating a suction seal.
  • No folds? You’ve successfully inserted your Saalt Cup! Feel free to do a heel click or summersault and go enjoy 12 hours worry free!

Removing & Reinsterting

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and mild soap.
  • You can stand, sit, or squat, but removing your cup is much easier if you are relaxed.
  • The stem is not a pull tab, do not pull hard on the stem to remove.
  • Break the suction seal by pinching the base of the cup with your thumb and index finger. Do not just pull on the stem.
  • Wiggle the cup side to side as you gently pull it out. Keep it upright to avoid spilling.
    • Helpful hint: Removing the top edge of the rim from the vaginal opening first, and then tilting the cup upright and removing the bottom edge, can be a helpful way to pull out the cup.
  • Holding your cup firmly, empty it into a toilet or sink.
  • Wash your Saalt Cup. Rinse first using cold water, then wash using warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Your Saalt Cup is ready to reinsert! If you still need insertion coaching refer to section “How to Saalt”. You got this.

Cleaning & Storing

  • Rinse your Saalt Cup in cold water after use.
  • Wash thoroughly using hot water and a mild soap, or Saalt menstrual cup wash. Avoid strong cleaners or anything that may irritate your skin.
  • Use a soft rag to wipe away any buildup.
  • Clear the four holes at the top of your Saalt Cup by passing water through the holes or using a disposable toothpick.
  • Disinfect your Saalt Cup between cycles by boiling your cup in water for 4–5 min (no more than 7 min) to sanitize it. Use tongs or a wire whisk to ensure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.
  • You may also sanitize your Saalt Cup between cycles by wiping it with a soft rag and 70% isopropyl alcohol after thoroughly rinsing in water.


  • Dry your Saalt Cup thoroughly and store it in the bag provided (or another breathable container). Never use a plastic bag or airtight container for storage.
  • Some discoloration may occur over time. This is normal, and may vary from one person to another.
  • If your Saalt Cup is ripped or torn, or the silicone shows signs of deterioration (which can happen after using non-recommended cleaners) it’s time to replace the cup.

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