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We believe people empowered to live their element can change the world.

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You started your period today, but you don't have period care. Would you go to work or school?

1 in 5

1 in 5 people with a period in the United States are unable to afford period care products every month.

86% and 46%

86% of girls in Kenya and 46% of girls in Nepal miss school because of their period.

20 billion

20 billion menstrual products are disposed of annually in the U.S. alone.


42% of girls in the UK aged 14-21 have recently resorted to using makeshift period care ware such as paper or socks

1 in 100

1 in 100 girls in rural India reach the 12th grade.

11,000 Products

11,000 disposable pads and tampons are used by people with a period over their reproductive lifetime.

How Saalt is Helping

Our Impact Pillars

Menstrual Health

Everyone should have the right to a safe and dignified period. We empower individuals with the knowledge and long-term solutions to improve their menstrual health, which increases gender equality and opens conversations that bring awareness and break down social stigmas.

· Globally, more than 2.3 billion people lack basic sanitation services, such as clean water and soap in bathrooms. · Access to latrines can enable girls’ education, women’s mobility and sexual security, according to UN Women.

Access to period care products and facilities has impacts that go far beyond the classroom, which is why Saalt invests in communities through product donations as well as projects supporting clean water facilities like latrines and boreholes.

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B is for Better

As a certified B Corp, we commit 2% of our revenue to donate period care to regions with the most need, and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability.

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We Walk the Walk

2022 Impact Report


Our friends at HER International have been providing women and girls in rural Nepal with access to formal education, entrepreneurial and credit-building training for 15 years. Since 2018, Saalt has funded HER International’s mobile menstrual health and hygiene education program and donates more than 3,000 Saalt Cups every year to ensure that everyone enrolled in their programs and in the wider community has access to the period care products they need to have a healthy, dignified period. 

HER International’s impactful educational curriculum and Saalt’s menstrual cups seem to be a perfect match; of the nearly 800 cup recipients interviewed, more than 95% have chosen the Saalt cup as their long-term period care solution!

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Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Founded in 2010, Sustainable Coastlines Hawai‘i boasts the largest and most engaging community beach cleanups across the islands. Their small but mighty team rallies together passionate volunteers, utilizing community beach cleanup events and educational initiatives to inspire better consumer behaviors and continued coastal stewardship. Through our partnership, Saalt and Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i facilitate thousands of pounds of plastic waste cleanup every year, promoting sustainability awareness and education every step of the way.

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Dreams of the Tropical Youth Uganda (DROTY) is a youth-led non-profit organization that serves the youth of the Rakai District in Uganda. DROTY facilitates educational and life-skill programming, sustainable agriculture programs, clean water initiatives, and provides menstrual health education and free period care products, including Saalt Cups. 

Saalt has donated more than 600 cups to DROTY since 2018 and provided them with 100 pairs of Saalt Wear in 2021, all of which they distributed for free to youth in need. In addition to these product donations, Saalt has funded the building of three latrines on DROTY’s campus, which provide clean bathrooms and clean water for hygienic hand-washing.

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Where Our Partners Work

Period Poverty & Education

Education for one girl can break the cycle of poverty for generations.

“When I started Saalt, I knew girls' education would be a key part of our social mission. Education has done more to shape our confidence, prosperity, and fulfillment in life than any other single factor. Yet so many girls are halted early in their educational pursuits. The loss of potential is heartbreaking, and yet the solution is simple. We're passionate about the power one cup has to help a girl finish school, provide for her family, and afford her the confidence to care for her needs. I envision a world where our daughters and girls everywhere are limited by nothing but their own hard work and resolve to accomplish their dreams.”


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