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5 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Your Vagina

Here are 5 facts to help you impress your friends at your next period party! Wait ... you don't have period parties? You should.

  1. Your vagina is highly elastic. It is a muscular vessel that can range from 7-10 cm (2-4 inches) and is what experts call a potential space, which means your vagina is not open all the time. Most of the time, your vagina is compressed, so the back and front vaginal walls are squeezed together. But fear not—your vagina is made to easily contract and expand. This means it can easily stretch to accommodate things going in or out—think a menstrual cup or baby.

  2. The vagina is tilted at roughly a 130-degree angle. This is why the best way to insert your period cup is to aim it towards your tailbone.

  3. You can't actually lose anything in your vagina. We've all been there. Wondering. Panicking. It is impossible for a cup or tampon to move up through the uterus and into the abdomen. Your cervix acts as a gatekeeper at the top of the vagina. The cervical opening is so small that it can only pass fluids (unless you are giving birth ... whole different story). If you have had that OH MY GOODNESS moment and you cannot find your cup or tampon, more than likely it has migrated just out of reach. To remove your menstrual cup, REMAIN CALM and walk around a bit. The cup will shimmy down and be at a level where you can reach and remove. If your tampon has moved out of your grasp and has possibly moved sideways, schedule an appointment with your doctor, as they will have the knowledge and tools to safely remove it.

  4. A healthy vagina will not smell bad. We repeat. A healthy vagina will not smell bad! If you are healthy, your vagina won't have much of a smell at all. If you notice a change in odor, your vagina may be telling you that there may be something wrong with your vaginal health. Schedule a visit with your doctor-they'll be able to pinpoint what the cause of odor is and help you to control or remedy the issue.

  5. The vagina is self cleaning. Say what?! No need to use harsh chemicals or scrubs which can actually cause more harm than good. Vaginas produce protective substances (discharge) that help to protect it from any unwanted fluid and bacteria. When harsh products are used, as a douche, they can throw off the natural pH of your vagina, increasing risk of irritation and infection. Leave your vagina be so it can clean its own house!

Now that you know these important facts about your vagina, you might want to consider trying a menstrual cup. Learn more about Saalt menstrual cups.

If you still feel uncomfortable inserting cups or tampons into your vagina, you can try period underwear. Learn more about Saalt Wear and how its absorbent layer works.

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