Tampon vs. Saalt Cup

Saving You Money, One Period at a Time.

Dropping $30-$40 dollars on one period product seems a bit much when you're used to a box of tampons or pads costing $10 or less.

We're here to tell your brain HEY, A CUP IS CHEAPER! even though everything in us wants to spend less in the moment.

No Waste in This Game

How long does a box of tampons last? One or two cycles? (All depends on flow.) Then you're back to the drugstore to buy more. Because we can get so caught up in the month-to-month pattern, women spend thousands of dollars on disposable period products in a lifetime. (This post and this post really break down the overwhelming cost of a period.)

One Saalt Cup can last up to ten years. (Medical-grade silicone is not here to mess around.) With proper upkeep, one cup can spare you thousands of tampons and pads. And hello Mother Earth! That adds up to pounds of products kept out of sewage systems and landfills.

Put That Wallet Away

Here's how to make sure the first period cup you buy is right for you and how to avoid having to buy multiple cups with the wrong fit that may leak or be plain uncomfortable. Save that cash.

First off, Saalt Cups have a universally useful, proven design with different size options. Our cup quiz and size guide are the thorough places to start, but the small is for a light flow and recommended for those with a petite physique, and those that have a low cervix. The regular size can be more comfortable and create a tighter seal for those who have given birth vaginally, and those who have a high cervix. The Teen Cup is recommended for teens, who just started their period journey. You also need to consider the height of your cervix. The Duo Pack is a problem-solving start with both the small and regular sizes included.

You can feel confident in your size choice once you've considered all of these tips and tricks. (If you have any issues after purchasing, email us at sayhey@saalt.com to discuss further options.)

Hand balancing a Saalt Cup.

Save Your Time

Period cups are not only worth the money, but are worth the tiniest bit of effort to empty, clean and reinsert. With proper sanitization and care, your cup can be your safest option. Not only do we have to deal with periods, we also have to do what it takes to prevent TSS. On top of that, we've been kept in the dark on what is truly inside of the tampons we buy, given that brands have had no required regulations to list ingredients until very recently.

You have more peace of mind and more mental energy switching to a Saalt Cup. No chemicals, no worries wasting your time. A cup can be safely worn for up to twelve hours and only needs mild soap and intermittent boiling to keep it clean.

Dolla Dolla Bills

Are you ready to save those funds to spend on something you actually want to buy, besides an armful of tampons and pads? Switching to a cup is a low-key way to save the planet and your time with the cash investment of two movie tickets and some popcorn.

Model holding a Saalt Cup and smiling.

Look at you, you financially savvy queen!

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