Bathroom Stall Giving You a Scare? No-Stress Cleaning with Saalt

Bathroom Stall Giving You a Scare? No-Stress Cleaning with Saalt

With the increased popularity of menstrual cups and discs, we get a lot of questions about how to properly care for them, especially outside of the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom. The airport bathroom just does not compare with your yummy candles and freshly cleaned sink - we understand.

While your cup or disc can be worn for 12 hours, there are a couple of reasons why you may need to remove it early. Perhaps it is uncomfortable and you want to reinsert it, or maybe it is the heaviest day of your flow and you can feel that bubbling sensation that tells you it is about to overflow. Whatever the reason, it should not have to feel like a daunting task.

We are all about breaking down taboos and providing you with all of the tools and information you need to feel comfortable and confident during your period. Removing and cleaning your menstrual cup or menstrual disc in public does not have to be a scary or shameful process! 

When in a public restroom, walking out of the stall to the bathroom sink to clean it may not be your favorite option. We are happy to share more about the tools we specifically designed to help with this and how to use them when out and about.

One of our handy traveling companions is our Saalt Travel Kit. You can quickly and discreetly slip this little bag into your purse or under your arm as you head into a public restroom or stall. And in this little bag are some great little helpers. 

First, we have the Compact Sanitizer. Traditionally, the Compact Sanitizer was designed to be used as a sanitizing option for your cup or disc. Simply put water in it and put it in the microwave, or pour already boiling water into it. Now we know what you are thinking, there likely is not a microwave in the bathroom at the Olive Garden. But have you thought to set up the sanitizer so that you can remove your cup/disc and set it in there while you “do your business?” A great little hack! 

In your Travel Kit there is also a squeeze bottle. You can fill it up before you go in the stall and give your cup or disc a quick rinse over the toilet, or even wash it with the travel-sized Saalt Wash. 

Does this process feel a little lengthy with too many moving parts? Want another option that is quicker and more seamless? We get it! And boy do we have an exciting new option for you. The product you are looking for is our handy new Saalt Wipes! 

Saalt Wipes are fragrance-free, biodegradable and flushable wipes that were specifically designed to clean your cup or disc on the go. Flushable, you say? That’s right! Our team worked extra hard to ensure that our wipes received the necessary qualifications for flushability. Our wipes are made with only 7 clean ingredients that are gentle on your cup/disc as well as your vulva. They are even plant-based!  

Now you can remove your cup/disc, give it a thorough wipe with your Saalt Wipe, reinsert, flush, and you are good to go! (Don’t forget to wash your hands!) One more period-fear conquered with Saalt. So dance the night away or step onto that fishing boat with confidence. Saalt has got you covered.

In a pinch and do not have any of those options on hand - that is okay too! You can simply remove, empty, and reinsert your cup or disc. Just remember to give it a thorough cleaning later on. 

You can check out this fun new product offering HERE and if you have any questions, our Saalt Coaches are on standby ready to help.

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