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We've Been Holding on to a Little Secret ...

We've been holding on to a little secret...and can finally fill you in! This September 2019, our Impact Manager, Danielle, and Beauty Heroes' founder, Jeannie Jarnot, are traveling to the remote village of Kiminini, Kenya to collaborate with one of our charity partners, Outreach to the World (OWI), to talk sustainable period care. We mean business when we choose retailer partners, and teaming up with Jeannie from Beauty Heroes has been the beginning of a powerful brand partnership. Beauty Heroes is known for its advocacy for clean, sustainable brands and has been one of Saalt's biggest cheerleaders as we break down barriers for people with periods. So much so that Jeannie went all-in and decided to join us on our September outreach trip to witness our international work first-hand and on the ground.

This is a HUGE win for Saalt, Beauty Heroes, and our joint brand advocates, because when brands align core values and resources, the change can be far-reaching. We are empowered by consumers who expect more from corporations and who hold businesses responsible to be fellow stewards of the environment. Learn more about our impact and partnerships. You can join us on our journey to Kenya by following our stories on Instagram @saaltco! We are thrilled to share this journey with our amazing Saalt Squad.

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How We'll Make an Impact

So what's on the docket for the trip? Danielle and Jeannie will distribute Saalt Cups to 300+ school girls and nursing students and will teach about the benefits of menstrual cups for personal wellbeing and waste reduction. They will collaborate with locals to address barriers to long-term cup adoption, whether it be through health education, access to clean water and latrines, or funding for sustainability initiatives. This year, we're excited to collect feedback from last year's cup users, train them to become valuable mentors to new cup users, and work to answer questions and overcome any barriers they may have faced.

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Why we Love Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes curates products that change the lives of its customers through ingredient integrity and positive planet impact. Jeannie and her brand inspire the highest level of trust from her followers, who love the brand's uncompromising ingredient standard. The result is a luxurious and mindful approach to beauty and less appetite for high-consumption beauty merchandise. Beauty Heroes helps people understand that period care is part of a clean beauty routine.

Project Blue Beauty

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Beauty Heroes launched their Project Blue Beauty in 2018 to highlight brands that are making strides in corporate-level environmental change. The Blue Beauty platform is meant to inspire action from both companies and consumers to be intentional in their products and purchases. We love seeing the growing number of companies that are striving to use their impact for good!

Why We Love OWI

Outreach to the World (OWI) has been working in Kiminini, Kenya since 2004 to place orphans with guardian families, provide education to those orphans, and support the guardian families with basic necessities. Today OWI has a beautiful campus in Kiminini that includes a well, flushing toilets, meeting places for the orphans' families, and offices for OWI's full-time social workers. All of this change is the result of OWI's incredible founder, Marjaana Seilonen, who calls California home and calls Kenya her second home. Another woman who has created incredible change in the area is Sister Freda Robinson. Sister Freda was a successful nurse in Kitale, Kenya, who chose to start a medical clinic and school to provide health care to people who had none. Saalt and Beauty Heroes will have the privilege of meeting with 200 high school students and 100 nursing students at Sister Freda's Medical Clinic and school. Creating support for communities is one of our biggest goals when we work abroad, and we are fortunate to work with organizations that give us the platform to do so. Saalt believes it's essential to work with local leaders to ensure cup adoption, and we can't thank the OWI team enough for connecting us with mentors who feel as hopeful about ending period poverty as we do.

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