Saalt Leakproof & Period Underwear Quiz

Quick quiz, perfect pair – say hello to leakproof confidence.

  • - LKDubbs

    "I just finished my first period using this underwear and WOW. I previously used another brand and can sincerely say there is no comparison. The Saalt underwear was comfortable, fit well, and did not leak. It just overall made me feel good. I loved it so much I ordered more!"

  • - Genevieve

    "I’ve tried several period underwear brands and these are absolutely the best. So soft and comfy, these fit perfectly and are the most seamless period underwear I’ve tried. I am now a strictly saalt customer! I got a bunch of different Saalt underwear to see which one I like most- they’re all a little different depending on what you want, I love them all for variety."

  • - Rach

    "This is my first time trying period underwear. The material is so, so soft! They stayed dry & comfortable throughout the day & I definitely prefer them to larger pads. So worth the investment for more comfortable periods & buying less disposable pads in the future!"

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Saalt Bliss Guarantee

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