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Beauty Heroes Founder, Jeannie Jarnot, and the Win-Win-Win She Discovered with Saalt

By: Jeannie Jarnot


Beauty Heroes is proud to be a long-time partner with Saalt. We are a clean beauty discovery platform and retailer with a passion for helping our customers live lighter on the planet. I started Beauty Heroes with a very simple idea, to slow down beauty discovery and help people discover products that were truly good for you and good for the planet, in a focused and intentional way. To keep it simple, I wanted to share a monthly full-size product that brought value to my life and educate a community on why that product was special. I was inspired by brand founders who had a deep why' when creating their products, and focused not only on sourcing non-toxic ingredients, but also sourcing them in a way that was sustainable, fair-trade and considerate of the planet and making into something that I loved. I started Beauty Heroes in 2014 and now we deliver our monthly beauty discoveries around the globe carry over 100 of the best healthy beauty brands in the world in our online store and Northern California brick and mortar.


When I started Beauty Heroes, I never imagined that we would be selling menstrual cups. I hadnt ever used one, but also, I didnt really think of menstrual care as a part of a wellness or beauty offering. A lot has changed and thank goodness. I credit Saalt with being a part of the movement to normalize menstrual care and change the dialogue and stigma around it. I first discovered Saalt at a Well Summit event in Brooklyn where I bought and tried a cup for the first time. Just their presence and enthusiasm for their product shifted the energy from talking about something embarrassing and uncomfortable, to something normal and wellness focused. When I tried a Saalt Cup, my life changed. I say it all the time, but I really wish I had a Saalt menstrual cup when I was sixteen. Its hard to believe that Im 47 now and lived my whole life without one.


Five years ago, I would never, ever, be caught talking about period care or products in a professional setting. But, two years ago, Saalt asked me to go to Kenya as a partner to participate in the work they were doing on the ground to provide period support to a Kenyan community. After a lot of consideration, and discussion—which required me to talk about period care at work—I said yes to the incredible opportunity. Their work involved talking about menstrual cups and menstruation all the time. I quickly found myself not thinking twice about it and suddenly discussing menstrual cups was completely second nature, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It was a new and very liberating experience. Now, at Beauty Heroes, we talk about menstrual care all the time, just like we talk about any other product that brings value to our lives.


Part of my passion for Saalt cups is that they are one of those innovations that are a win-win-win.


Win #1: A cup is such a better way to manage your period—no constantly buying products and no leaks.

Win #2: Its also a much more cost-effective way to manage your period. I still have the same cup I bought years ago.

Win #3: It is the most environmentally conscious way to manage your period, hands down.


This win-win-win effect is rare and wonderful and has made me into a Saalt evangelist.


At Beauty Heroes, we carry the full collection of Saalt Cups, including the Teen Cups, which I am really excited about. They also are a part of our growing zero waste beauty category. Finding products that are beautiful, perform and exist lighter on the planet has become a true passion of mine, and I believe in being an early adopter.  Being invested in our own personal health is entirely connected to the health of the environment, and I am excited that there is a growing consciousness for what we put in our bodies and what we put out into the planet. We are all on a journey to finding new products and habits that are more sustainable, while still enjoying rituals and moments that delight us. At Beauty Heroes, we definitely work hard at achieving that balance. Saalt period care is one of my favorite examples of how we can make a small change that helps us live lighter and love more.


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