Camp Like A Champ On Your Period

Camp Like A Champ On Your Period

Summer is here and in full swing! And with it comes one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful weather and the grandeur of nature - camping! 

But picture this: You just woke up from from a warm, comfortable sleep in your fluffy sleeping bag to the sound of birds chirping away. You stand up to unzip the tent and WHOOSH. You realize your period just started. Luckily, you were wearing your Seamless Brief so you know your backside was covered, but you had an incredible hike planned for the day. And you fully intended to finish out the day with a dip in the fresh mountain lake. Being on your period could really put a damper on these plans, so now what? 

Luckily for you, you remembered your handy Saalt Travel Kit and Saalt Cup! 


Saalt Travel Kit

With some of the water you boiled for your morning cup of joe, you take your cup out of your beautiful travel bag and fill your Compact Sanitizer. Then you just plop in your cup and cover it to give it a quick sanitize. You insert your cup and slip on your Seamless Thong (because a little backup for peace of mind is always a good idea!) and just like that - you are ready to go! Now you can go a full 12 hours without having to worry about leaks. And no having to pack out your used menstrual products - woohoo! 

But wait! You are spending the night at your new location but are packing light, which means no pot to boil water. How will you clean your cup? You pause to consider skipping the hike for the day. But then, you again remember your travel kit! It includes a squeeze bottle and travel-sized Saalt Wash so you can easily rinse and clean your cup on the go. So you are all set.

You toss your Saalt Travel Kit into your hiking backpack, lace up your boots, and begin your journey up the mountain. And instead of counting the hours until you have to change your tampon or shuffling through your period products to find your camera in your bag, you can take in the moment and let the beauty around you heal, inspire, and strengthen your soul. And be more aware of your surroundings, ya know, because bears and mountain lions and such. 

Curious to know if the Saalt Travel Kit could be the adventure tool you need? Check out Saalt Coach Liz demonstrate just how simple and efficient this little bag of magic is.

No matter if you are in the mountains, on a beach, at a wedding, or enjoying the AC, Saalt has got you covered so you can fully embrace your summer.

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