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Charitable Brands We Love Available at Target

In recent years, retailers big and small are starting to promote socially responsible brands that value people and the planet, and Target has become a leader in championing this movement. Look at how these brands, all sold at Target, are doing their part to change the world:

The Honest Co logo

Through their Honest to Goodness program, The Honest Company is committed to helping low-income families and communities through diaper and personal care product donations. They are also leading the way in research and education about safe, non-toxic home and health products.

Try their Organic Body Oil. It's unscented, non-toxic and perfect for all ages and skin types.

Honest Beauty, an arm of The Honest Company, is committed to programs that inspire young women to be leaders in the technology field. In a partnership with, they are helping to fund an AP high school computer science curriculum specifically for young female students.

Try their Vitamin C Radiance Serum. You can brighten your complexion and feel good about the women your supporting.

Yes To logo

A portion of Yes To's profits go toward programs like the Step Up Foundation, whose mantra inspiring women to inspire girls is applied through mentoring and encouraging girls to become confident, college-bound women.

Try their Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Face Mask to detoxify and hydrate dry or sensitive skin.

Alba logo

Alba Botanica is another beauty brand that is committed to giving back to women. In partnership with the CARE Foundation, Alba Botanica seeks break barriers to education that are realities for many young girls in developing countries. Alba Botanica also awards grants for female-led non-profits through their Do Good, Do Beautiful Grant Program.

Try their Very Emollient Body Lotion. The botanical emollients will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Saalt logo

Saalt is on a mission to donate life-changing and sustainable period care to women and girls in need, and fund initiatives in education, empowerment and sustainability. While safe, non-toxic period care provides a healthier, more convenient way to manage periods for all women, the Saalt menstrual cup is particularly empowering for women in developing countries who are limited in their school and work opportunities due to lack of period care. Saalt believes that education for one girl can break the cycle of poverty for generations. A small investment in reusable period care allows a girl to complete her education and reach her potential. Educated women lift their families and invest back into their local economy, bringing change to entire communities.

Try our Saalt Cup Duo Pack, includes one small and one regular menstrual cup plus two cotton carry bags.

daBomb logo

Da Bomb is a brand that is committed our planet's health through clean water. Money from the sale of their Earth Bomb Bath Soak goes toward organizations that support ocean preservation and clean drinking water projects. So, while you use one of these bath fizzers to infuse your bath with oils and sea scents, relax and remember that you're doing a little something to help keep our planet healthy.

Try their Flower Bath Bomb. There is even a little surprise inside.

Cocokind logo

Cocokind is committed to helping female entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries. Through their Cocokind Impact Foundation, they provide grants for female-led businesses that are focused on creating social impact.

Try their Organic Rosewater Facial Toner, a clean, natural product that is gentle enough for all skin types.

Boomchickapop logo

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP believes in empowering people to bring the boom and crush it every day. They use part of their profits to give back to programs that empower people, such as I AM THAT GIRL, Partners for Affordable Housing, and Feeding Our Communities Partners.

Try their Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn. Throw it in your Target cart next trip and feel extra good about that little treat that treats others too.

Shea Moisture logo

SheaMoisture developed their Community Commerce program to carefully and sustainably source the shea butter used in their products. This program provides women in Ghana with better wages and supports their children's education, which in turn transforms communities. SheaMoisture also provides scholarships for college-bound women and entrepreneurs.

Try their Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Wash, a healthy, natural way to brighten dull skin.

Yoobi logo

Yoobi's mission is to provide kids with the tools they need to learn and be creative. For every Yoobi product purchased, they will donate a school supply to a classroom in need. Next time you're in need of office or school supplies, rest assured knowing there is a student somewhere who will also receive needed supplies. We love their messaging, packaging and their products.

Try their Double Ended Brush Tip Markers, brush tips on one end and fine tip on the other.

Harry's logo

A portion of Harry's profits, along with employee's volunteer hours, are donated to programs that provide mental health care to men around the world. Harry's partners with charitable organizations that provide help for veterans healing from war along with multiple suicide-prevention programs. Each purchase helps further their mission of good, accessible mental healthcare for all men.

Try their Bright Orange Razor, a simple way to be a part of this impactful mission.

Project 7 logo

Project 7 is a gum and mint company that is great tasting and world changing. A portion of each purchase is donated to seven areas of need: Save the Earth (tree planting), House the Homeless (natural disaster emergency relief), Feed the Hungry (meals in U.S. communities), Quench the Thirsty (clean drinking water), Heal the Sick (live-saving malaria treatments), Teach Them Well (education in developing countries), and Hope for Peace (anti-bullying programs).

Try their Project 7 Sour Fruit Gummies.

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