Disc Comparison

Disc Comparison

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO…wait, it’s a... menstrual disc?? Reusable menstrual discs have recently entered the star-studded period care scene and we can’t stop talking about them. While discs originally gained popularity as disposable items, some companies have nailed the reusable options. Saalt, Cora, Hello, the list goes on!

Hand holding a menstrual disc

Who can use a disc?

Menstrual discs are great for anyone with a period, and some people might even find them to be a better option if they experienced difficulty with cups. A disc sits in the vaginal fornix rather than the vaginal canal and it doesn’t rely on suction to stay in place, keeping your IUD safe! The best part about a menstrual disc is that it can be worn for no-mess period sex. Making an informed decision about what disc may be the right fit for you is important, so read on to learn about the different options out there.

Saalt Disc Comparison Chart

Saalt Disc vs. Flex Menstrual Disc

Flex gained its popularity by offering disposable menstrual discs that can be worn for up to 12 hours, which are then disposed of at the end of the day. They are very similar in shape and size to the Softdisc Menstrual Disc. Like reusable discs, disposable discs provide up to 12 hours of period protection, which can be a timesaver for people who can’t take too many bathroom breaks throughout the day!

The rim of the Flex Disc is one of the largest and firmest on the market. Attached to the rim is a thin, plastic basin. The firm rim of the disposable Flex Disc works well for many people, but because it only comes in one size and is quite firm, it may not be a great fit for everyone. Flex has recently released its reusable disc, which mirrors its disposable option in size and comes in a softer silicone.

The Saalt Disc has a rim that is strong enough to keep its shape but soft enough to keep you comfy. Many Flex Disc users have made the switch to Saalt and haven’t looked back. They love knowing that their favorite tampon alternative is now reusable (and comes in a smaller size option)! Fully sustainable period? We love to see it.😎

Saalt Disc vs. Cora Menstrual Disc

At first glance, these discs look similar but have some distinct differences. The Cora Disc comes in one size while Saalt offers two sizes, small and regular. Hello, options! Just like cups, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to menstrual discs. The average menstrual disc size (65-70mm diameter) mimics the contraceptive diaphragm, which is a medical device used to prevent pregnancy.* Because discs and diaphragms both sit in the vaginal fornix, it might seem that they should be the same size. 

In our testing, we found that many people preferred having a smaller option because every body is unique. For example, the Saalt Disc Small is often a great fit for folks who have a low cervix. The Saalt Disc also has distinct grip lines inside the removal notch to help prevent your finger from slipping.

*The Saalt Disc will not prevent pregnancy, don’t even try it.😂

Saalt Disc vs. Hello Menstrual Disc

The Hello Disc has a unique customizable removal feature intended to improve the removal experience. Ideally, this feature makes it possible for the disc to be removed with just one finger. 

The Hello Disc comes in one size, which is similar to most discs on the market. It is slightly larger than the regular size Saalt Disc.

Many reviews note how easy the Hello Disc is to use. However, some reviewers mention that their partners have reported being able to feel the removal tab during sex. The Saalt Disc has a removal notch that is sleek, smooth, and out of the way to make more room for activities.😆 

Choose Easy

The more you know, the easier decisions become! At the end of the day, you should choose the best menstrual disc for your needs. We sure hope that means you’ll choose Saalt.😊 As always, you can reach out to our Saalt Coaches if you have questions.

See you at the disc-o!💿

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