Ditch the Disposables

Ditch the Disposables

So you’ve been thinking about making the switch to reusables but are still unsure. Maybe your friends have tried them and won’t stop raving about their zero-waste period, but you’re on the fence about the logistics (Is it messy? How do I manage it in public? You get the gist).

That’s completely understandable! Much like tampons and pads, reusable products also come with a learning curve. It’s new territory, but you’re not alone!

Switching to reusable products diverts 3,000+ items from landfills and waterways per person. And that cup or pair of period underwear will last for years! So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to break up with pads & tampons...forever.

Introducing the Ditch the Disposables Challenge

Switch to a fully reusable, ultra-comfortable period with Saalt for 2 periods. We’re offering folks a special introductory price to try our products for 20% less than normal, so if you’re looking for a sign, this is it.😎

Here at Saalt, not only do we provide the best menstrual cups and period underwear out there, but we also provide educational resources for everyone at any experience level. You can find all of our resources on YouTube, on the Saalt Website or App, or on our Instagram & TikTok. Check them out!

The Challenge Guarantee: Your most comfortable period ever

We guarantee you’ll have your most comfortable period ever or your money back. No risks. No worries. It's period bliss or bust. 

We have a dedicated team of Saalt Coaches here to help you through it. They’re experts in cups, discs, and leakproof underwear! They help hundreds of people every week find their way to period success, and you can reach them at the touch of a button if you’re looking for tips.

Time to opt in!

Step 1: Choose your challenge pack to join the reusable revolution.

If you’re on the edge, you can select the Challenge Trial Pack. If you’re a little more into it, try the Challenge Accepted Pack. And if you’re all in, the I’m Committed Pack is for you! Each one is crafted to give you a zero-waste experience and comes with everything you need for your next period.

Step 2: Post that you're taking the challenge and tag your friends and @saaltco with #DitchTheDisposables for a chance to win a year's supply of Saalt Wear.

Step 3: Have your most comfortable period ever or your money back. That’s it. No catch. We want you to succeed!

So.. do we have your attention? Are you ready to take on the challenge? Saving money on disposable products sounds pretty nice right now (and so does being the first one in your friend group to use a cup👀).

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