POV: You’ve been thinking about trying reusable period care, but are still unsure.

Here’s your chance to break up with pads & tampons...forever.

The Challenge

Ditch the Disposables

Switch to a fully reusable, ultra-comfortable period with Saalt for 2 cycles. Choose one of our best-selling Challenge Packs below for a special introductory price.

Post that you're taking the challenge and tag your friends and @saaltco with #DitchTheDisposables for a chance to win a year's supply of Saalt Wear.

The Guarantee

Your most comfortable period ever

We guarantee you’ll have your most comfortable period ever or your money back. No risks. No worries. It's period bliss or bust.

No waste. No leaks. No worries.

  • Wear 12 hours. Lasts 10 years.

  • Holds 3 pads of flow. Soft, cute, & comfy.

  • Save $1500 for your wallet (and the planet)

  • 1 cup replaces 3,000 disposables

  • Full refund guarantee

Step 1: Choose your challenge pack to join the reusable revolution.

Challenge Trial Pack

Just the best of the basics. The softest underwear you've ever worn (that also happens to protect against leaks). And one of each size of the best-selling Saalt Soft Cup so you're covered for heavy and light days.

Challenge Accepted Pack

The perfect starter pack. Two pairs of Saalt Wear that have your back(side) whether you're couch surfing (comfort), or heading to the gym in your best leggings (seamless). And our best selling Saalt Soft Cups for light and heavy days.

I'm Committed Pack

Because your friend can't stop raving. Our two most popular pairs of Saalt Wear that leave you dry and comfortable. And our best-selling Saalt Soft Cups, wash and a steamer to give your hard-working period queens a spa day.

Step 2: Post that you're taking the challenge and tag your friends and @saaltco with #DitchTheDisposables for a chance to win a year's supply of Saalt Wear.

Step 3: Have your most comfortable period ever or your money back.

The reviews are in!

From skeptical to never-going-back

  • Carrie D.

    “So, my friend gifted me this cup. I was so skeptical and thought she must be crazy, I was NOT about to insert that thing up my vagina. Then, my period came and I only had 2 pads left and did not feel like going to the supermarket to get more. I gave it a try and…now I am a pro at it and I will be gifting one of these to my other friend who is also skeptical,  just like I was before trying this. Thank you so much Saalt… I have no interest in going back to pads ever again.”

  • Lila

    “I was initially nervous about switching from tampons, but this has been the easiest change for me. I love not carrying a dozen tampons with me on trips and worrying about leaking. Definitely recommend!”

  • Whitney

    "OMG- can I just start by saying wearing Saalt period underwear and using the cup has been an actual life changer! EVERY period I have had since then I have been overjoyed with the ease of use, quality of product, and comfort at having sustainable, toxic-free and lovely tools to ease the monthly cycle. So thank you!"

  • Jessica J.

    “I've never tried period underwear before. I bought myself a few pairs and I'm not kidding when I say they are so comfortable and fit perfect, I would wear them every single day!!! I feel so good about replacing all the panty liners I use when I am on my period. Thank you Saalt!"

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