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Do's and Don’ts of Recycling Your Package from Saalt

By: Amber Nichols and Alex Gregg

Sustainability is important to us here at Saalt. Like, really important. And while we strive to be a leader in making clean products in earth friendly packaging, we know that our responsibility for what we create doesn’t end when you click “add to cart.”

Knowledge is power, and knowing what to do with each component of your package from Saalt is another way we can all ensure that the life cycle of our products come full circle. So, we consulted our resident recycling expert, Amber Nichols. She gave us the run down on each component of your Saalt product and packaging, what the materials are made of, and the most responsible method of disposal.

But first, it’s important to make the distinction that different countries, states, and cities all have different recycling methods and capabilities. What one town may be able to process, may clog the system at another recycling facility. While universal recycling standards are desperately needed, until then, it’s important to check out your local recycling program to learn more. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what Amber had to say about the recyclability of all of your Saalt goodies.

All stickers, tape, sticker labels, and packing tape (clear and paper)

Tape and stickers are mixed materials, and the chemicals used to make the adhesives render them unrecyclable. Many recycling centers ask recyclers to peel tape and labels off packaging, so be sure to do so when recycling your boxes and packaging.

Saalt Wear cardboard shipping envelope and standard cardboard box

All cardboard boxes and envelopes that you receive with your Saalt products are fully recyclable at most cardboard recycling facilities! Just be sure to peel off the shipping label.

White tissue/gift paper

Most all tissue and gift paper is recyclable, including the specific type your Saalt tube comes wrapped in.

Saalt paper tube

Your Saalt paper tube is recyclable! Do keep in mind, however, that some recycling centers only take boxes, so be sure to double check your local services.

Plastic viewing disc in your Saalt paper tube

This disc should always be removed before recycling. If you have any recycling programs like the orange bags, or something similar, the disc can be recycled. It all depends on local programs. If not, this will have to be tossed.

Saalt Wear hang tag

The cardboard hang tag is recyclable! The only caveat would be if your recycling program does not accept small pieces, so double check. As for the string and the small clip, the clip could be recycled with metal, but why not upcycle? The string and safety pin would make a great addition to a craft or mending kit.

Saalt Wear Folded Paper Star

As long as your recycling program takes cardboard and paper, your paper star can go on to it’s next life!

Saalt Wear cardboard bundle box

The box and cardboard inserts for this box will be recyclable with regular cardboard.

Saalt Cup

Your Saalt Cup is made out of medical grade silicone, which means it doesn’t melt but rather burns to ash. This means that when it’s time for a new cup, you can simply burn your cup outside in a safe environment to aid in the degrading process that it wouldn’t have been capable of on its own in it’s original silicone state. But remember, you only need to replace your cup about once every 10 years, unless your cup has suffered some sort of damage.

Saalt Wear

Did you know nearly ALL textiles can be recycled? Yes, even period wear can be recycled through textile recycling services that sort them by color and material type, and shred them to become fiberfill or stuffing. To find a textile recycler near you, just search “your town + textile recycling” to see what pops up! 


Your use of any of our period products means you're already thinking beyond the trash can! Consider how many disposable period products can be saved from the landfill for every one pair of Saalt Wear. Also, the fact that it's made from recycled plastic means it is already a second life item, so the longevity and two life spans of the original plastic makes it acceptable to go to the landfill. It has fulfilled its recycling duty!

Phew! That’s a lot of great information. While online shopping is a lifesaver, we know it comes with a heavy price on the planet to ship goods to customers. We hope this breakdown will help you better understand how to responsibly dispose of each component, and guide you in your sustainability journey as you become a more conscious consumer.

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