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Giving Tuesday - You Choose, We Give

Date: December 3rd, 2019

Halloween is...

Followed by Thanksgiving...

Followed by Black Friday...

Followed by Cyber Monday...

Followed by Christmas...

Followed by New Year's Eve.

No wonder everybody decides on January 1 they need to change how they are living.

- Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist

What's Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a way to focus on the good and to take a break from the excess of the holiday season. I love the holidays! I love good food and time spent with friends and family. That being said, I tend to feel overwhelmed by the holidays fairly early in the season. The premise of Giving Tuesday gives me respite from the consumption that typically pervades throughout this time of year.

You Choose. We Give.

Saalt lives by the motto Live Your Element, live your life to the fullest. This Giving Tuesday 2019 we wanted to highlight the projects that we have worked on with our partner organizations, and give you the opportunity to be involved!

For every purchase through Dec 10th 2019, we'll donate $5 to your Saalt charity partner of choice: Outreach to the World, DROTY Uganda, or Equality Bahamas. These projects would not be given life without those who have felt the draw to purchase Saalt Cups, and for that, we are grateful.

Lessons from Africa

My time spent in Africa this fall gave me a new perspective on my own life. The biggest realization that I had was that I often feel compelled to do better and be better, but I often quiet that pull by reminding myself that I am too busy and I just don't have time. I had an aha moment: we can and will do the things we find important and make time for. I also know that small acts of good done by many people have great impact. When provided with an opportunity to do good, I am going to choose to say yes more often. Giving Tuesday provides a chance for individuals as well as businesses to take the opportunity to make an impact.

Outreach to the World

Nurse checking child

The Outreach to the World program is designed to provide humanitarian aid in the developing world by educating, equipping, and empowering people to care for the sick and poor, orphans and widows. More specifically, they improve the lives of children in need. I was able to work with this organization first hand and saw the incredible work they do, using local leaders from their own community in rural Kenya. Saalt has the privilege of not only providing menstrual supplies for the girls and women involved with OWI, but also to provide funds to contribute to scholarships for the children of Kiminini. These scholarships cover school fees and supplies, as well as clothing and food needed for the child and their family. Funds from Giving Tuesday will be used to offer even more scholarship funding for OWI students. To donate to OWI, use code GIVE2OWI.

Dreams of the Tropical Youth Uganda

Tropical Youth photo group in Uganda

One of the most impactful projects that Saalt has funded in 2019 is the building of three VIP latrine facilities at schools in Uganda. Working through our partner, DROTY Uganda, we were able to improve access to restroom facilities for 1,300 girls, with the hope that those numbers will increase now that there are improved facilities. This project has been so exciting for us as it was partner-driven. We are excited to continue to work with DROTY to improve sanitary facilities in Uganda. With your help, we can improve WASH facilities through the hard work of the DROTY team. To donate to DROTY use code GIVE2DROTY.

Equality Bahamas

Equality Bahamas photo group

Equality Bahamas is one of the newest organizations we've started working with this year. They offer assistance to educate the general public on issues of gender, sexuality, and intersections of identity on the Grand Bahama island. They serve as a safe haven for underrepresented communities and strive for equality for all. Since Hurricane Dorian left destruction in its wake after hitting the island in August, they have been recovering and rebuilding. In an effort to streamline their resources, Equality Bahamas shifted their perspective and began helping in relief efforts as much as possible by partnering with fellow organizations to hold food drives and deliver essential supplies to the communities most affected by the hurricane. Recently, they teamed up with various therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals to hold a session to offer emotional support for the trauma people have endured due to Hurricane Dorian. We love their dedication to offer the best support to their community and jump in where it's most needed. We look forward to our continued partnership! Funds allocated from Giving Tuesday will go directly to Equality Bahamas to continue helping the island's recovery, use code GIVE2BAHAMAS.

And There's More...

In addition to our $5 per purchase give back campaign, Saalt wanted to offer a bit more to select partners. Being as inspired as we were by the DROTY latrine project, the Saalt Impact team wanted to encourage our other partners to brainstorm their needs and projects they have been planning for or awaiting funding. On Giving Tuesday, Saalt is offering one $10,000 grant opportunity to select partner organizations. This is an exciting way for our partners to see a project come to fruition or to complete something they have been working on.

B a Force for Good

From its very origins, Saalt has been driven by the need to give back, and to improve the world we live in and on. Becoming a Certified B Corporation in 2019 has validated and legitimized the mission of Saalt to improve period care, fund education, and encourage sustainability globally. By using the B Corps framework Saalt is able to both qualify and quantify our impact, and set goals to improve. It holds our company to a higher standard.

Why wait to do those things that excite you and inspire you to do good? Start today by looking for things in your own life that you feel passionate about. Choose to say yes to the things that will put a little more good into the world today.

This impact campaign refers to Giving Tuesday 2019. If you want to learn more about Saalt's current impact initiatives, visit our Impact page.

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