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Learn Saalt's Secrets to Removing Period Stains

It's something we have to deal with at some point, right? Whether it's just a few drops on your regular underwear or waking up in the middle of the night to a small murder scene—it happens. That’s where Saalt Wear comes in! Our leak-proof period underwear has your back(side) covered. Upgrade your period care and say sayonara to stains.

Saalt period underwear

Got caught without your Saalt Wear on your heaviest flow day? Not to worry, we have some great tips and tricks for getting those pesky period stains right out!

Fresh stains

You sit down on the toilet and you immediately realize you've leaked through to your undies. Worry not! If you rinse with cold water right away, the pressure from the water does a great job of dissipating the stain on the spot. If you're still seeing an unwanted stain on your underwear after a thorough rinse, use a bit of stain remover and spot treat the area by letting the solution soak for a couple minutes before throwing that pair in the wash.

Older stains

You bled through to your pants, you tossed the whole mess in the corner by your laundry (you've got a life too!) and now everything's dry and looks like a lost cause. It's totally not! Don't throw out those favorite jeans! If you have let the stain dry, soak for 6-12 hours and then use Borax, a multi-purpose household cleaner, on the leftover stain. Just follow the instructions on the box and those jeans will be good as new.


If you were wearing your (spendy) cute, silky, lacy undies when the unexpected happened, you didn't spend the money in vain! You can still wear your fave pair that make you feel like a boss. For delicate materials just use a solution powerful enough to get the job done with one good soak, no need to rub the stain out. Try something like The Laundress, a delicate spot removing solution that doesn't require you to agitate the fabric to get stains out.

Washing delicates in sink

Couch, mattress, or other hard-to-wash things

In the event that you were already dreaming when your period decided to make its appearance, we've got you covered. It's not fun to have to wake up and immediately spring into action, but the faster you tackle the stain, the better it will come out. With mattresses, couches, or other hard-to-wash items, it's best to use minimal liquid. Using household items like baking soda or cornstarch will soak up the stain quickly without spreading a liquid or solution all over. Let the powder sit on the stain for 3-5 minutes and then dust or vacuum off the powder, then blot the remaining stain with a damp cloth. It will be gone in no time!

Playing McGyver with household goods

There's a good chance that you have everything to treat stains in your pantry right now. White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and cornstarch all have powerful cleaning properties! With vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, just a splash will do. Let the stain sit in the solution for 3-5 minutes and then lightly blot the stain out. You can repeat this process a few times if it doesn't come off the first time. With baking soda and cornstarch, you can either apply them directly to a wet stain, or combine with a couple drops of water to create a paste to put over the stain. If you're going the paste route, let it dry completely before flaking it off and blotting the rest out.

wet baking soda

We hope this gives everyone some options when you think all is lost. You can do it! The best piece of advice we can offer is to act fast for best results. The sooner you spot treat, the better off you'll be. And, as for many things in life, if you don't succeed at first, try again!

Have a happy period everyone :).

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