How To Wash Your Period Underwear

How To Wash Your Period Underwear

You got your Saalt Wear reusable period underwear and used it - amazing! So . . . now what?

No worries, we got you covered. We know it can seem a little daunting when trying to figure out the proper way to clean reusable period care products and you likely have lots of questions. So let’s go over the basics!

When you remove your used Saalt Wear, we recommend rinsing your period underwear in cold water. Gently rub the gusset in your hands until the water runs clear. This will help prevent staining as well as remove a majority of the flow from your Saalt Wear. Then, squeeze the excess water out of the gusset and body fabric. Now, you can set your Saalt Wear aside until you’re ready to do laundry. 

When you wash them, we recommend doing so either by hand or in the washing machine. When you hand wash period underwear, we recommend using cool water. If you wash period underwear in the washing machine, the delicate cycle is definitely the way to go! Using cold water is also a great choice as this will help protect the gusset. If you are planning on washing them with regular underwear or other clothing (You can wash your Saalt Wear with other clothing?! Yes!), we recommend putting your Saalt Wear in a delicates bag. 

Once your Saalt Wear are washed, just hang them to dry! 

A few extra tips to help your Saalt Wear remain at their best for as long as possible:

  • Skip the bleach and fabric softener as this will damage the gusset’s absorbency.
  • It can take about 6-12 hours for the Saalt Wear to dry, depending on the type of Saalt Wear you are using. So hand washing is a great way to go if you are wanting to use your Saalt Wear multiple times throughout one cycle and do not have enough clothing to do a full load of laundry.
  • If your Saalt Wear take a tumble or two through the dryer - don’t worry! It likely won’t be ruined. Just try not to put it in the dryer regularly. 

Are you a visual learner? We get that. Watch this video of Saalt Coach Liz showing you how to wash period underwear for that little bit of extra help. 

Take good care of your Saalt Wear, and they will take good care of you! 

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