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A Love Letter to My Saalt Cup

Written by: Kennedy Haffner, a real-life cup user sharing her journey through using her Saalt Cup.

Consider this a love letter to my Saalt Cup.

I got my first period when I was 11 years old. I felt weird about it, uncomfortable, and as if I took on a responsibility my young developing body was not ready for. My mom told me that moving into womanhood was something to be celebrated and I've kept that attitude ever since. I love getting my period, I love the reminder that my body gives me to slow down, take it easy on myself, and that my body is reminding me of its strength, power, and femininity. When I began caring about my body in a different way about three years ago, I wanted what I put on and in my body to be more natural, better for me, and better for the planet.

I stumbled across menstrual cups and decided that I would give it a try. Before I found Saalt, I had a good experience using period cups, but something about it felt foreign and I was not fully comfortable using it at all times, but I knew that it was a choice that I wanted to see through, even at the compromise of my own comfort.

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Last September, I had the privilege of meeting some of the Saalt team at a convention and started chatting about how I loved the concept of a period cup, but truly wasn't in love with the overall experience and shared about the comfort levels not meeting my initial expectations. The team quickly confirmed what I intuitively already knew, that I needed to try out a different period cup because not all cups are created equally. I left the convention with a Saalt Cup and could hardly wait until my next period to try it out—here begins the love story with my Saalt Cup. I tried out the regular firm Saalt Cup at first and was amazed at the overall experience of using a Saalt Cup. My first impression was that the cup was actually cute (that's important), it felt far more flexible and soft, and I even forgot that I was wearing a menstrual cup!

After about six months of using the Saalt Regular, the cup that enlightened me, I tried out the Saalt Soft Cup and my mind was blown yet again because I couldn't believe that there was something even MORE comfortable for me than the Regular Saalt Cup. In comparing both the regular and the soft cups, I love them both equally but find myself choosing to use the regular cup for more active times and the soft cups for days that are more relaxed or when my flow is lighter.

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I always use my period as a reason to up the self care, take things slower, nourish my body with grounding whole foods, and slow down in every aspect. I don't do any intense exercise during my period, I allow my body the rest it needs to be at it's best to do exactly what it's supposed to do. We are composed of the decisions that we make and I am proud to use a period cup both for the safety of my body and the planet.

It may sound dramatic, but choosing to use a menstrual cup has changed my life. It's given me the opportunity to take control of my cycle, make positive choices, and know that no matter where I am, my cup can come with me. Using a Saalt Cup has made me more aware of my body, my direct impact on the planet, and the fact that the companies I support have the chance to directly impact not only my life, but the lives of others. I am grateful to be a woman, to have my period, and to be privileged enough to have access to feminine care products. Having a period is not something to be ashamed of and through sharing personal things and making taboo topics THE conversation, we find a greater sense of pride in what it means to be a woman. Talk with your sisters, the ladies in your life, the men in your life, anyone and everyone, start the conversation and share how your period empowers you.

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