Three models wearing Saalt period underwear in Pebble Grey color.

Meet the Models: Period Proud in Our New Pebble Grey

        Uplifting people with periods is our way of life at Saalt. It’s the north star that guides all of our decision making, big and small. So, naturally, choosing models who represent people with periods in all of their beauty and diversity was top of mind when preparing for our new Pebble Grey color launch.

        But, little did we know that not only were the women featured total rockstars in their willingness to stand tall and period proud as they made our Saalt Wear look its best, but they’re also doing incredible things for the Boise community and the world. While their outer beauty shines in every image, their inner beauty is even brighter, and we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We caught up with each model to share a little more about themselves.


Lily smiling and wearing Saalt period underwear


        “I am a human with many jobs, but I am primarily a writer and filmmaker. I produced my first feature film (LIKE LOVE) in 2018, which was made possible by an all-female investor panel. I am passionate about supporting artists of all shapes and sizes, as well as empowering women to find their voices through storytelling. Professionally, I serve as the Grants Manager for The Alexa Rose Foundation, a Boise nonprofit organization committed to supporting creatives in the Treasure Valley, when not writing, teaching, or acting. I find it deeply empowering to find the space to love and respect my body as an adult, and I loved getting the chance to share that with Saalt.”


Danielle sitting on a chair and wearing Saalt period underwear


        “I am an artist in many different facets. As an Art Director and professional photographer, I do freelance work for several agencies and clients in the PNW. I’ve even had the privilege of working with Saalt in that capacity!

        "Along with that, I am a certified Barre3 instructor, which I love because I help get people moving in a way that isn’t about judgment for our bodies but instead loving what we can do. It was difficult for me to become a fitness instructor and start teaching Barre3 in front of so many people. But having instructed now for four years, I am much more comfortable in my skin. It’s been a journey toward self acceptance and the realization that while others might not have a “disability,” women everywhere are having those same struggles with their image.

        "After having had breast cancer in 2011, and looking for 3D nipple tattooing as part of my own reconstruction, I realized there wasn’t anyone qualified in the Treasure Valley providing this service. So, I spent months getting certified and began doing areola micro pigmentation work about six years ago. I have provided my service to hundreds of patients since then! Knowing that many survivors cannot afford this procedure, I started a nonprofit called Tit For Tat that raises funds for areola tattooing services for those women in the Treasure Valley who need it. Beyond that, my best friend and I are continuing the conversation about healing on our podcast, also named “Tit For Tat”, which you can find on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

        "When I considered the Saalt modeling opportunity, I once again had to push out of my comfort zone. After all, we are talking about showing ALL of me, beyond what my hand looks like, to my mom-of-three belly, cellulite and a bootie that some might say is too soft. But I return to my mantra, ‘Show up just as you are, so that others have the courage to be themselves as well.’”


Laura sitting on a bed and wearing Saalt Wear


        “I love people and fashion. So, when I realized I could merge the two as a Personal Wardrobe Stylist, my world became a hefty dose of happiness. I’ve built my company on a simple philosophy: great style is for everyone. The way you dress tells a story about how you choose to show up in this world. With that, I co-founded Next Level Women Leaders in 2017, helping female leaders elevate their platform and professional style.

        "I'm an island girl (ya man). Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, I immigrated to the U.S. with my entire family when I was 11, and it completely changed my life. I now live in Boise, Idaho, with my mountain-man hubby who wears socks with sandals (I pick my battles ;)), my adorable step-daughter, our baby boy, our lovable doggy, and six chickens.

        "Being a mother is one of my proudest achievements. What I didn’t know prior to becoming a parent was the abundance of love that I can feel for another human. This love spills over into how I treat my friends, strangers that I meet, and how I choose to show up not just for the big things but those small things as well. In addition to that, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be a mentor in programs like The Starling Project and Brown Like Me. Both organizations have a common thread which is lending our humanity and our skills to the community we serve.

        "One of the most profound things I’ve learned in the years of working with incredible women is the progress we make when we support each other. The shoot was filled with a diverse group of humans dedicated to doing great work. I loved wearing the Saalt underwear, and like my Saalt Cup, it gave me a sense of ownership in how I take care of my body. Simple elegant styles that make me feel great and serve a purpose.”

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