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Happy National Underwear Day

Our team is obsessed with innovating and bringing the best leakproof care to the world. Danna, our fabulous Textile & Innovation Manager, is the brains behind the latest stunning Saalt Wear collections. Fun fact about Danna:  she wrote a final essay in high school about how lingerie and intimate apparel trends have mirrored the progress of the feminist movement. She’s clearly been passionate about lingerie for a loooong time and is passionate about developing the best period underwear on the market! 

How would you describe your job to your 12 year old cousin?

Danna: I manage the development of new underwear products for Saalt! Sourcing top-quality fabrics, communicating with our garment vendor, developing new colorways and overseeing the fit and costing process are all parts of my day-to-day. I also manage preparing replenishment orders of our existing styles, and testing all our apparel products for physical performance and quality. 


Why are you proud (or insert emotion of choice) to be designing Saalt Wear? 

Danna: Maybe this sounds a little funny, but I'm proud to be working on a product with a practical use. Of course all underwear serves the purpose of being a layer between your body and clothing, but working on a product that not only needs to look cute and fit well but also serve the technical function of absorbing and wicking moisture is a rewarding challenge. I love the idea that someone's life has hopefully been improved by using Saalt Wear!


What are the key differences between Lace & Mesh, Comfort, and Cotton? Speed round!

Danna: Ok, phew, let's see- Lace & Mesh is your lingerie-inspired collection. It's synthetic, a bit sexier and cheekier in the coverage , and is great if you want your period underwear to look and feel more like traditional lacy pieces. 

The Comfort Collection is just that- comfortable!! It's our super cozy modal fabric, and feels like a literal cloud. We developed it to be the perfect lounging, running errands, or vegging out collection. 

Cotton is your minimalist, no-brainer option - I know so many people who only want to wear cotton underwear for its simplicity, breathability, and comfort. 


What's your go-to Saalt Wear right now? 

Danna: I have to be honest, the Comfort Thong is my favorite style we have ever developed - I use it as a backup to my menstrual cup and I love it. The waistband doesn't dig or roll, the rise is just right, it's so comfortable but flattering enough to still feel cute during what is arguably the week when I personally feel the schlubbiest :) 


What's one myth or misunderstanding about Saalt Wear that you wish you could clarify? 

Danna: Saalt Wear (just as with all period care products) does not have infinite capacity to absorb! Every menstruator knows their body and their flow best. Some people may find Saalt Wear perfect to wear solo all throughout their period, while others with a heavier flow may need to use it as a backup leakproof method on their heavier days, but may be fine wearing it solo on those first/tail end days or overnight when they are bleeding less. Also, Saalt Wear is usable outside of periods! I hope it can be a benefit for anyone who might deal with sweat, discharge, or other light leaks as well.


Thanks, Danna! We all learned a lot and loved hearing you nerd out about Saalt Wear!

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