No tampons? No problem. Here's why it's time to make the switch.

No tampons? No problem. Here's why it's time to make the switch.

When was the last time you took a leap? Unless you’re a ballerina or stunt double, it’s probably been a minute. Humans, by nature, stick to what we know, far from uncertainty and change.  While it goes against our instinct, sometimes taking risks is actually better for us and the reward for switching things up can be life changing.


With tampon shortages making the headlines (again), now may be the perfect time for you to take the leap into sustainable period care. We know it can be a bit nerve-wracking, so we’re here to answer all of your questions and help you find period bliss.


Yes! You can learn to use reusable period care.

Remember when you first learned how to insert a tampon? Learning to use a menstrual cup or disc is similar—it can take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll love it even more! 


When it comes to insertion, there are multiple folds and techniques you can use to position it perfectly. When it comes time for removal, Saalt menstrual cups are designed with soft and subtle grip rings and our menstrual disc features a finger notch; both of which make removal easy without compromising comfort.


★★★★★ I'm never going back to tampons again!!

“This is the first menstrual cup I've ever tried and I'm never going back to traditional products again! Since I've been using this I don't have as many issues with cramps. this cup is so comfortable and user friendly I'd definitely recommend trying it! It's so easy to insert and I didn't have any problems removing it when the time came. This has made my period so much easier!” Sabre

Did you know? Menstrual discs and cups are actually crazy comfortable.

Yeah, menstrual discs and cups are larger than tampons, but they’re supposed to be! Designed to complement your anatomy, cups sit in the vaginal canal and discs rest just under the cervix to provide a leak-free, comfortable period experience. So comfortable, in fact, that you may even forget you’re on your period!


★★★★★ “I wish someone had told me to use a cup YEARS ago. I always assumed they were a mess, uncomfortable, and all around gross. I decided to try this out after reading all of the rave reviews, and I'm absolutely blown away. This is way more comfortable and CLEAN! I love the ease of cleaning it in the shower or my own bathroom. When I leave the house, I truly forget I'm on my period and don't have a care in the world. I was especially excited on a recent beach trip to be able to wear it all day and in the water with no worries. If you're hesitant to try a cup, just do it. It takes a few tries to get used to it, but you'll get the hang of it. I can't say enough about what a game changer this is.” - Janie


But are period cups and discs messy?

We know what you’re thinking, “Am I going to make a mess?” This is a common misconception. Most users actually find the opposite to be true—that period cups and discs are less messy than disposables, and they are naturally odor free! We recommend emptying your menstrual cup or disc in the shower while you get the hang of it, but know you’ll be a pro in no time! Welcome to a mess-free period.


★★★★★ Why didn’t I do this sooner?!!

“I’m so happy with my Saalt cups, they really have made my period experience so much easier and have made me feel less guilty about my waste. I hated how Everytime I used tampons I created so much trash, I would have to empty my bathroom trash like every other day (my period last a week). I was also amazed at how mess free removing the cup was, super easy to remove and so comfortable, plus it made me feel so clean (no weird odors or anything). Honestly I could keep going, I would just say that if you’re on the fence about switching over just do it! You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.” Vania



What option is best for me? 

Heavy period flow happens. As does endometriosis, pelvic floor weakness, and many other period-related medical concerns. Saalt has your back(side) covered, regardless of what hurdles life throws your way.


Saalt Wear leak proof underwear is a great option for anyone who menstruates. It’s beautiful, so comfortable you have to feel it to believe it, and comes in a range of sizes, colors, styles, and absorbencies to meet your unique needs. Saalt Soft cups are made of a softer silicone to provide a gentler menstrual cup experience. And Saalt Discs simply rest under the cervix without relying on suction to seal.


Note: We recommend consulting your doctor if you have a medical concern that may interfere with the use of an inserted product.


★★★★★ “I was a cup user before and after I gave birth I attempted to go back to them. I discovered then that I now have a weak pelvic floor and was saddened to learn that my cup would no longer stay in place because of it. Then I found out about discs and I love that Saalt gives back with every purchase and gave this a go. So far I am loving it ! I’m thinking of buying one for my mom too. Haha hope to see more colors soon !” Nancy


We’re here to cheerlead you every step of the way!

Learning how to use a Saalt Cup or Disc is like learning to ride a bike. It can take some time, but don’t worry, no helmet, hills or scraped knees required. Our Saalt Coaches are here to hold your hand every step of the way, but metaphorically... because you'll need your hand. 😉  Reach out anytime at or text 775-23-SAALT (72258) for personalized help to get you to menstrual cup success.


★★★★★ Most helpful company I have ever dealt with

“I thought that choosing a menstrual cup would be simple. Little did I know! After buying numerous cups I contacted Saalt who spent so much time offering me advice based on my body and it’s functions! I had purchased the wrong type so after many emails (their patience is out of this world) they sent me a different type free of charge. I have honestly never dealt with people and a company who offer such amazing customer service.” Claire

Never let a tampon shortage get the best of you again. Is now your time to break up with the tampon aisle forever? We’re here for you when you’re ready to take the leap into reusable period bliss. 


 Take our Menstrual Cup & Disc Quiz to find your perfect fit and learn why 91% of people never go back.



I just finished my first cycle with the Saalt cup and I am never ever going back to tampons and pads! It was so comfortable. It was easy to insert and remove (it took me a couple days to get it in the first time but after I got it I was good to go)! The usual period smell was gone and I didn’t feel gross like I always do on my period! It took me a few days of using it to figure out how to position it correctly so that it didn’t leak, but I haven’t leaked since! I’m no longer dreading my periods! If you’re hesitating over whether or not to get a Saalt cup, just do it!! Best decision of my life!Megan

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