Pee-Proof Underwear? No Way! (Psst....Yes Way!)

Pee-Proof Underwear? No Way! (Psst....Yes Way!)

Uh oh, there it was - the leak that you did not see coming and were really trying to avoid. Jumped too hard, laughed a little too forcefully, bent down, bent over - whatever caused it, it happened. You felt a bladder leak. Darn! Going to have to go change your underwear. 

But wait! You’re wearing your Saalt Wear leakproof underwear. Could it really be? No leaks? You go to the bathroom just to check and, hey, look at that! No stains or marks on your pants and when you pull your underwear back up, you feel dry and clean. Can it be true??

YES! Saalt Wear leakproof underwear is a great choice for light bladder leaks! You shouldn’t have to worry about enjoying your life. You should be able to barrel-laugh and sprint across the beach without a care. So we made underwear that can help you do that.

But wait…aren’t these period underwear? Technically - yes! Saalt Wear was originally created as a reusable period care solution. It was designed to take the place of those uncomfortable and unreliable pads and panty-liners that just don’t quite meet your needs. Then we realized that Saalt Wear could be so much more! There are all kinds of wetness that we experience every day, not just our monthly periods. So can’t there be underwear that protects you any day of the month from any of those leaks? Absolutely! 

Impossible! How does that work? The top layer of the gusset pulls down wetness and traps it in the inner layers (this is not reduced down to only period flow). Any discharge and even those stubborn bladder leaks can be wicked away and trapped, leaving you feeling fresh and dry. AND Saalt Wear is specifically designed to prevent odor as well. It is the full package! 

But urine is often thinner fluid than period flow. So how can it absorb it as fast? Yep, that is true! Urine is a different consistency than period flow. As urine is thinner, it will need a stronger gusset to absorb it than you would for period underwear. So you will want to shop for that need differently than you would for your flow. If you need coverage for light bladder leaks, we would recommend our Regular or even Heavy absorbency Saalt Wear. And if you need something that can handle a bit more, Heavy or Super absorbency is definitely the way to go. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Getting to ditch the disposable pads and liners that move around, stick to your legs, and leave you feeling self-conscious all day sounds like a dream! We know it can take a bit of bravery and an initial investment, but the trade-offs are life-changing! Never having to purchase a disposable again and gaining the confidence to do what you love without having to think about bringing a spare pair of underwear or planning around bathroom breaks is the kind of freedom we are all about here at Saalt. 

And don’t worry, we offer amazingly helpful Saalt Coaches and a robust Saalt Bliss Guarantee to ensure that you feel supported every step of the way. Saalt has got you covered! 

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