Saalt period underwear and menstrual cups in pink

Period Care Showdown: How Menstrual Cups and Period Underwear Stack Up Against Pads and Tampons

Written by: Alex Gregg

Since the dawn of disposable pads at the turn of the 20th century, periods have been in need of an upgrade for some time. Now, with menstrual cups, discs, and period underwear finally gaining momentum, we’re putting the old and the new head to head. Think boomers vs. millennials, covered wagons vs. Teslas, or telegrams vs smartphones.

Sanitary pad and period underwearPads vs Saalt Wear

Pads recently reached their 125th year since first hitting the market in 1896 and they changed the game for people with periods, revolutionizing women’s health. Their high absorbency made them a go-to product for leaks of all kinds. And for those who cannot use inserted products, pads have been a lifesaver. But still, life for a pad user remained restricted, and, let’s face it, pad rash? Not fun.

Enter period underwear. It’s been long awaited, but period underwear that performs is finally here, and brands like Saalt are leveling up the game. Modern period panties like Saalt Wear are taking all of the good that pads have to offer and keeping none of the bad. With impressive absorbencies, no wet feeling, and all of the comfort of your regular underwear, you can feel confident and sexy for the first time on your period.

When placed side by side, the winner is obvious with period underwear leaving pads in the past.

Tampon and menstrual cupTampons vs Saalt Cups

What’s that you say? Oh, you only use tampons? Well, hold on to your hats, because menstrual cups are blowing the disposable competition away.

We get it, tampons in and of themselves liberated people with periods in a big way. Gone were the days of missing pool parties or wearing loose pants to hide a bulky pad. But they didn’t come without their downside. The chemicals found in tampons have continued to be a growing concern, as well as the shocking amount of waste created. But the convenience? The discretion? Unmatched—until now.

Believe it or not, menstrual cups were invented just a few short years after the tampon, but it’s only been in the last decade that they’ve finally gone mainstream. And for good reason! With a 12 hour maximum wear time, “convenient” doesn’t even begin to describe the benefits! On top of that, the soft and flexible silicone of the Saalt Cup makes them luxuriously comfortable. But where menstrual cups really take the cake is with the incredible financial and environmental savings. $29 to forget about buying period care for 10 years and save the planet? Sign us up!

There you have it. It’s clear who the true winners are, and even more clear that sustainable period care is the way forward. So, why not give it a try? Go find your perfect fit on our Cup Quiz, and if you have more questions, our Saalt Gurus are here to text, chat, and email to answer all of your period preguntas.

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