Period During Spring Break? Your Travel-Prep Q's Answered

Period During Spring Break? Your Travel-Prep Q's Answered

If you are still in school, you’re probably preparing for one of the best times of the year. That’s right, Spring Break is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to set aside studying and working and break out of campus for some major rest and relaxation. You earned this time and cannot wait to fly off to a destination far away and swim and soak up some sun (especially since Punxsutawney Phil told us that the warm weather is coming real soon!). 

One of the things you are likely doing in preparation for your getaway is checking your calendar and wouldn’t you know it, you are supposed to start your period on the first day of break! We bet this sparks a whole host of questions for you, and our Saalt experts are here to help. 

Question #1: I love using my cup during my period, but can I wear it in a pool or the ocean? What about a hot tub?

You most certainly can! In fact, we encourage it! Using your Saalt Cup or Disc while swimming or hanging out in the water is a great way to keep you (and your favorite yellow bikini) leak-free. The Saalt Cup creates a suction within the vaginal canal, forming a tight seal that will keep your period contained. Not to mention that swimming is a great form of exercise that can help with the cramping and discomfort that comes with your period. So cannon-ball with confidence!

Question #2: My Saalt Wash is too large for my carry-on bag. Can you help?

Absolutely! We offer a Travel-Size Saalt Wash exactly for this purpose. No need to try to squeeze your wash from one container to another as our Travel-Size is TSA-approved. 

Question #3: I am getting on a plane and will be traveling for longer than 12 hours, so I know I will need to empty my cup at least once while on the plane. How do I go about this?

We know it can feel daunting to use your cup on a plane, but we promise that it is simpler than you would think! It is a good idea to choose a time without a lot of turbulence when you can easily stand and move around the plane. And this is a time when we would highly recommend our Saalt Travel Kit. Just take this little baggy with you into the bathroom and you can remove, rinse, and reinsert your cup without trouble. Another great option is our Saalt Wipes. You can use a wipe to give your cup and yourself a quick wipe before reinsertion. 

Question #4: I am planning on some zip-lining and other excursions where I will not have access to a bathroom for quite a while. What are my options then?

We have a solution for this too! When in an environment where you will not have easy access to a restroom or toilet, having a reliable backup to your inserted period product is an important consideration. This is where your favorite pair of Saalt Wear comes in handy! While your cup or disc can give you up to 12 hours of leakproof wear, using a pair of our Saalt Period Underwear as a backup helps ensure that even if your cup or disc reaches capacity, you’ll be covered from stains or discomfort. 

The Saalt Wear gusset will wick away moisture, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable so you can be present for when awhale peeks over the ocean waves or when you are asked to smile for the camera. Additionally, the gusset will trap your flow, so that you can wear your leggings or favorite skirt without having to wrap a sweater around your waist.

Question #5: I was hoping to only bring a carry on, but now that I will be on my period, I am going to have to pack a suitcase full of pads and boxes of tampons. I’ve been interested in trying reusable period care, but only have one more period before I leave for vacay. Is this a good time to give resusables a try?

While reusable period care can come with a learning curve, you may be surprised by how quickly you find the perfect fit! All it takes is some research, the willingness to trial and error, patience with yourself and your body, and a little bit of confidence (and your favorite Saalt Coaches to help you troubleshoot). Giving your Saalt products a try before you go on vacation is a great way to build confidence and find what techniques and tips work best for you and your unique anatomy. We have some great bundles that come with everything you need to start your reusable period care journey. 

And guess what? With your Saalt products, there is no need for an extra suitcase. With Saalt Wear’s ultra-thin gusset, your Saalt Cup, and a Travel Kit for cleaning, you will be completely set for your whole period! 

Question #6: Okay okay, I am ready to make the switch. If I order today, how long until I receive my order?

Great question and good for you for planning ahead! Our small but mighty shipping team works hard to get packages on their way to you within 48 business hours. If you choose free shipping, your package will arrive within 5-7 business days from the time it leaves our facility. There are also paid options at checkout if you need your package sooner. We send you an email with your tracking information so you can keep an eye on the progress of your products! 

Question #7: I am leaving in the next day or two and need a cup! Is there anywhere I can purchase one in-store?

You can! Our Saalt Cups and Discs are retailed at different Target, CVS, and REI stores across the country. You can also now find them in a Whole Foods near you!  

Question #8: This has been so helpful, but I still have questions. How can I speak to a Saalt Coach?

You can reach our Saalt Coaches in numerous ways. Our Coaches are available via Chat and SMS Monday-Friday from 8 am-3 pm. You can also find them using our Contact Page.

We hope this helps and that you have the absolute BEST vacation! Your period shouldn’t have to slow you down or put a damper on your plans, so we hope Saalt can help you have the least-noticeable periods of your life.

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