Plastic Free July - Sustainable Swaps

Plastic Free July - Sustainable Swaps

As a B Corp, Saalt tends to attract employees that care deeply about people and our planet. That means that our team members sustain a robust recycling program and compost system in our office, do things like volunteer at our local food bank, and clean up our trail system as a team. That also means that we talk a lot about how, as individuals, we can make our world a better place. Believe it or not, those conversations extend well beyond the realm of sustainable period care. Though, we do admit we spend a lot of time talking about improving the global period game. ;)

For Plastic Free July, we thought we would bring these conversations out of our office and onto your screens! We asked our team members about their favorite sustainable swaps and what they do to show our planet a little extra TLC these days. 

Kate, Saalt's Officer Manager/HR Generalist

This might be soooo 2020, but I refuse to use plastic water bottles! Some sort of reusable water bottle is always with me & the same thing goes for the rest of my family. I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a bottle of water. I love knowing that I am not only saving plastic from landfills, but I'm saving money as well. Sustainability win-win!

I also utilize our city's compost program. We have a countertop compost bin that keeps us on track & makes it super convenient to do this. I love knowing that our food scraps are having their own second life out there!

Meghan, Saalt's Director of Customer Experience

My favorite plastic-free swap has been at the grocery store! I bring my reusable tote bags and mesh produce bags on my weekly trips. This has been a great way to reduce our household's plastic waste.

One way that we save water at my house recently is by collecting rainwater in a metal bucket and recycling it by using that to water our plants. 

Cherie, Saalt's Co-Founder & CEO

My favorite sustainable swaps are using Bee's Wrap in place of plastic wrap, Stasher bags in place of plastic snack bags, and reusable bottles from MiiR (all B Corps), metal straws, steel tableware for camping, reusable grocery and produce bags, and utilizing our orange bag recycling program for all low-grade plastic that most municipalities don't recycle.

Plogging! I am literally unable to run anywhere outdoors without taking a bag with me to pick up trash as I go. I've tried to let the trash I see be so I can get a full run in without bending and stopping constantly, but my conscience gets the better of me and I just end up turning back around!

Rachel, Saalt’s Impact Program Manager

My favorite plastic reduction tip right now is using reusable silicone bags and leftover jars to store and transport my food! It has felt sustainable for my wallet and the earth - a win-win! I have cut my use of plastic bags and wrap to practically zero, which feels really amazing. 

One thing I do to show our planet some love is to plant flowers and other plants that pollinators love and that are native to my area, so I know that I am positively contributing to my local ecosystem.

Hillary, Saalt's Growth Project Manager

I cannot stop talking about how much I love Dropps laundry and dishwasher detergent! They're like the detergent pods you can get on a grocery store shelf, but better. Ingredients with a purpose, no dyes, no plastic... every great thing in one small, affordable pod that is delivered to your doorstep, complete with carbon neutral shipping! I'm also a huge fan of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, Viori natural shampoo bars, and my Sud Stud.

Refuse. We were raised hearing "reduce, reuse, recycle, " which are all really important things to do, but the first step in all of that is to simply refuse. I've started opting out of freebies that I'll never use and stopped purchasing things that will only be used for a limited time.

Taylor, Saalt's Sales Account Manager

My favorite sustainable swaps are using glass straws for my smoothies in the morning, taking my reusable coffee mug into my favorite coffee shop on my way into work and asking a restaurant to leave the plastic wear out when I pick up my take out order!

"Pack It IN, Pack It OUT" or "Leave No Trace". Get out there and explore all our amazing earth has to offer, but when you do, pick up your belongings and trash on the way out. My favorite thing is seeing people get outside in the summer months, but sometimes, Mother Nature can take a beating. Be a kind human and leave it better than you found it. Pick up your trash and the trash of any one there before you.

Kailee, Customer Experience Specialist and Education Coordinator

My favorite way to reduce plastic is to buy vintage and thrifted clothing. I learned from working at a retail clothing store that nearly all new items of clothing come individually wrapped in plastic film, which is not able to be recycled in most cities. The clothing industry is a massive polluter, so supporting local thrift and vintage shops is a great way to reduce your footprint, prevent clothing items from ending up in landfills, and save money. As an added bonus, it allows you to have a totally unique wardrobe!

I show the planet love by eating a mostly plant-based diet. I went vegetarian over 11 years ago after watching a documentary about the environmental impacts of factory farms, and I have never gone back. Adding lots of local, organic produce into my diet helps me feel more connected to the planet and my community.

What are your favorite sustainable swaps? Your tips for reducing plastic waste? How do you show planet earth how much you love and cherish it? Share the love across social media this month for #PlasticFreeJuly - and every month, because when don’t we want to care for our community and our planet?

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