Saalt Period Underwear Detergent - The New Best Way to Wash Your Saalt Wear

Saalt Period Underwear Detergent - The New Best Way to Wash Your Saalt Wear


There are all sorts of options for cleaning your menstrual cup and disc out there, so we thought it was time to offer a solution for your Saalt Wear too! So today we introduce the newest member to the Saalty crew - the Saalt Period Underwear Detergent.

Like we always say here at Saalt, “Take good care of your Saalt Wear and it will take good care of you!” Using washing products that will not damage the absorbent gusset is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your Saalt Wear continues to provide that leak-free experience you rely on month after month. 

While other detergents will do the job, the Saalt Wear Detergent has been specifically formulated with enzymes designed to release blood and odors in period underwear. So while it is hard on stains and leaks, it will be gentle on your delicates. And feel free to toss in whatever other garments need a good cleansing, because the Saalt Detergent will get them squeaky clean too! 

Not only is the Saalt Detergent good for you and your Saalt Wear, it is also good for the planet. It is ultra-concentrated so that you can get a lot of washes out of one small bottle. One 10 ounce bottle is good for 72 hand washes or 36 machine washes (a lot more than you would think, right?!). One small capful (or half for a hand-wash) is all it takes to get a powerful clean. Less water, less plastic, and less of a carbon footprint. Can your current detergent say the same?

Give the gift that keeps on giving, for your Saalt Wear and the planet, and try out Saalt Period Underwear Detergent today!

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