Bloomingdale's logo next to model wearing Saalt period underwear

Saalt Wear Leakproof Underwear Now Available at Bloomingdale's

As the lingerie industry continues to see the leakproof underwear market explode, Saalt Wear is making waves being the first to open a new category in one of the world's most iconic retailers—Bloomingdale’s.  As of this month, Bloomingdale’s will be carrying a large assortment of Saalt’s premium, reusable, leakproof underwear, Saalt Wear, at eight of their brick and mortar locations, as well as Cue the fangirl scream!

As an industry leader in providing customers with the highest rated solution-based undergarments on the market, Bloomingdale’s will now stock all five styles of Saalt Wear in order to solve a problem that 10s of millions of women face every single day— leaks. Be it period, bladder, or light postpartum leaks, Saalt Wear will offer the Bloomingdale’s customer everyday leak protection without sacrificing style and comfort. With its impossibly thin gusset and soft, luxurious fabrics, Saalt Wear looks and feels even better than your favorite pair of underwear.
Saalt Wear period underwear in different styles and colors

Bloomingdale’s has also continued to expand their robust online Wellness Shop. With Saalt products appealing greatly to wellness minded and eco-conscious customers alike, this partnership will allow Saalt Wear the unique opportunity to be featured in both wellness and lingerie to appeal to more than one kind of shopper. Being made of sustainable fabrics, and eliminating the need for disposable hygiene products, green thumb, wellness, and lingerie customers can rejoice!

Similar to shapewear or a strapless bra, leakproof underwear is just as much an important everyday solution piece to one’s wardrobe, and we at Saalt are so thrilled that the addition of Saalt Wear will now solve one more problem for the Bloomingdale’s customer so they can live their life leak-free, worry-free, and waste-free. Grab your Saalt Wear today at or a Bloomingdale's store near you.

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