Saalt Wear: The Ultimate Sweat Proof Underwear

Saalt Wear: The Ultimate Sweat Proof Underwear

While vaginal leaks vary from period flow, discharge, or even postpartum flow, one thing I think we can agree we all experience is sweat (aka, swamp crotch). I can’t think of the last time I exercised and didn’t have sweat between my legs. Or simply just sitting outside in the summer, doing nothing! After further review and polling numerous sources (friends and Saalt team members), I’ve concluded that our crotches . . . are very sweaty.

One of the most irritating things for me was finishing a workout class or a bike ride and walking around with wet leggings afterward, especially in the winter–too high of a freeze risk.

Saalt Wear leak proof underwear has quite literally cleared up that mess for me. Yes, I still sweat. But the relief I feel when I know I’m working hard and that I’m not going to be sitting in a pool of sweat anymore is sweet. Like, I’ll-do-the-extra-burpees sweet (okay, maybe not that sweet).

The moisture wicking top layer pulls sweat away from the body and traps it in the ultra-absorbent gusset material. Then, it’s held in place by a leakproof barrier to ensure the moisture stays where you want it. The gusset material used in Saalt Wear dries quicker than cotton and is better at wicking moisture, so it keeps your vulva 😺 dry instead of letting it sit in sweat for hours on end.

It’s changed the game for me in so many ways and has made Saalt Wear my #1 choice for any exercise or outdoor activity. The Seamless Collection, specifically, is the moisture wicking underwear of my dreams! The body fabric is stretchy, free of panty lines (perfect for leggings), and wick away sweat beautifully.

Just recently I opted not to put my cup in on DAY TWO of my period, and just wore a Seamless Bikini under my leggings to hot yoga. I’m telling you, one of these days I’ll be humbled but for now I’m “experimenting.” Laying in Savasana drenched in sweat at the end of class, I set my intention to run straight to the bathroom after to assess the damage. I was shocked. Not only did the Saalt Wear gusset actually absorb my flow (and somehow not leak through?!), but my undies didn’t feel heavy from the sweat. Not many types of underwear are a match for 103-degree vinyasa practice, but Saalt Wear is a great contender.

Today, I slipped on my Seamless Thong before a run and set out to do a few miles. One mile in I felt the dreaded gush. The type where you aren’t sure if it’s period flow, discharge, urine, or all of them? I still had so much ground to cover and didn’t feel the need to stop and check. Why? Because my Saalt Wear was doing its job. I was able to wait and find out when I got home. Update: it was… JK.

If you’re active (or just real sweaty), I can’t think of any better underwear to tackle sweat than Saalt Wear. Check it out today!

XOXO, Saalt Coach Liz

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