Say "Hello" to the Saalt Travel Kit!

Say "Hello" to the Saalt Travel Kit!

We have officially launched the Saalt Travel Kit! This is a launch that we here at Saalt have been so excited to bring to our wonderful cup and disc users. We have heard you, and we know that caring for your cup or disc can be a bit more complicated when you are on the go. Enter the Travel Kit! 


In the bag you will find a compact sanitizer, travel-sized Saalt Wash, and a small squeeze bottle. Each piece of our Saalt Travel Kit was designed and curated with intention by our incredible product development team. Let’s dive in! 

The Saalt Compact Sanitizer allows you to sanitize your cup or disc wherever you are! All you need to do is fill it with water and pop it in the microwave with your cup or disc inside, then heat for 3 minutes (or until the water boils). Or, you can place your cup or disc in the empty sanitizer and cover with boiling water, cover, wait 3 minutes, and off you go! It is a discreet and small way to keep your period products clean. 

The Saalt Cup Travel Wash was the next obvious choice to include in the kit. This bottle is a TSA-approved size, so no worrying about your full-size wash getting confiscated at security - it’s sized to stay in your carry-on!

Carrying a small bottle with you into a restroom is helpful when you need to remove and rinse your cup, so we went ahead and made one! We’re already hearing rave reviews for the Saalt Squeeze Bottle. These little bottles may look simple, but our team spent a lot of time ensuring they are soft enough to get the right flow out of the bottle, won’t leak, and hold enough water to give a good cleansing (but not overdo it). 

And you see that gorgeous little Cotton Travel Bag that it all goes in? That is not just any bag! The design and production of these bags helps support women’s employment in Togo and each beautiful wave is stamped with care. How incredible is that? 

Have we gotten you stoked about this product yet? Need a little more convincing? Then just check out our Travel Kit Launch Party video! You can join members of the Saalt team such as our CEO, Saalt Coach Liz, and one of our Product Development stars as they talk about the Kit. 



Ready to add the Saalt Travel Kit to your packing list? 


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