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Say Hello to Your New Summer Essentials

After the longest winter ever, it's time to shake off the cobwebs and get outside. Here are a few favorites to solve popular summertime woes and to look and feel poppin'.

Saalt Saalt Soft

This spring (2019) we launched our newest innovation—the Saalt Soft. Designed with the experts from Put a Cup In It, Saalt Soft is for those with bladder sensitivities and discomfort using firmer cups. Pool season stops for no period, so make sure you have the right cup for you. Say yes to every beach invitation, no matter the time of the month.

Speak Skin Salt + Tsubaki Scalp Scrub & Petite Set

Our passion for healthy and sustainable period products includes the hunt for clean beauty. Speak Skin is an up-and-coming beauty brand focused on caring for sensitive skin while remaining environmentally conscious. The Salt + Tsubaki Scalp Scrub will smooth your scalp in time for every outdoor event, and the Petite Set is the perfect introduction to other great clean skincare products.

Megababe Thigh Rescue

Did we mention summer weddings? How about summer travel and poolside barbeques? What if we told you to ditch putting on shorts underneath your dresses and skirts? This anti-chafing stick is a total gamechanger. Thighs rub together and there ain't nothing wrong with that - except painful rashes, chafing and sweat. With a swipe of this, no legs stick together and you can finally enjoy your summer wardrobe in peace. (Check out Megababe's Bust Dust Problem solved queens.)

Billie Razor

Removing body hair is totally a personal choice but for those who enjoy it, a Billie subscription is a must. Say goodbye to the pink tax because these women's products are priced right. The sleek and colorful packaging and design wastes less. This company is further proof that good branding can equal good products. Plus, refills are sent straight to your house on a chosen schedule. You're saving time, money, and looking good doing it.

Ouai Body Cream + Wave Spray

A brand all over Instagram (and owner Jen Atkin is best friends with Chrissy Teigan) but I can safely say this brand is far from overrated. This brand new body soother is the boujee way to treat your skin right and it straight up works! The scents are on point and the wave spray accentuates your hair texture, wet or dry. Honestly, it was hard not putting all of Ouai's products on this list.

Glossier Invisible Shield

One more Instagram-heavy brand that delivers. Supporting female-owned boss babe companies (Hi Emily Weiss!) is right up our alley, and she makes it easy because you can see the thought going into every Glossier product. Guard your skin with this lightweight and seriously protective sunscreen and even prep your skin for makeup at the same time. The cute little bottle will slip right into every travel or beach bag.

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

This brand knocks cosmetic price points out of the park. You can stock up on a face of Colourpop and hardly put a dent in your bank account. What's summer without a proper highlight? These Super Shock formulas pack on the shine in just the right way. Oh, and everything is cruelty-free and almost all is vegan.

Tangle Teezer The Original

I pledged my allegiance to Tangle Teezer and will not be swayed by newcomer, The Wet Brush. Post-swimming hair is no match for the power of this handheld brush. Painless detangling and cute colors. Another post-beach staple and easy to keep in the shower to brush in hair masks or conditioner. Treat your hair right.

Enjoy the sunshine friends! Xo

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