Seamless Super - Your New Favorite Super

Seamless Super - Your New Favorite Super

A new hero is being added to the list of Saalt Supers - enter Seamless! Now you can combine the superior leakproof protection of our Super gusset along with the sleek look of your favorite no-panty-lines underwear. 

The new Seamless Collection still has that stretchy and comfortable fit that you love with your other Seamless Saalt Wear. Made of dreamy LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ spandex, Seamless has the perfect balance of durability and stretch so that it moves with you and your unique body. 

Your favorite Seamless styles are now equipped with our highest absorbency gusset to give you that extra boost of confidence from knowing that your backside is protected. Are you about to walk down the aisle at your bestie’s wedding and want to be protected and ensure no one knows you are wearing period underwear? This may be exactly what you are looking for. Looking for something super stretchy and soft that can hold up to your postpartum leaks? Yep, we got you. About to head out for a day of fishing and climbing and want to feel secure and leak-free? Here you go! 

You will now be able to get the Seamless Super Collection in the Bikini as well as the Brief in all of your favorite colors. The Bikini and Brief will both be available in the colors Volcanic Black, Midnight Sky, and Crimson Rose.

Go to yoga, wear that pencil skirt, enjoy your hike, and rock your favorite pair of jeans with all the confidence! Lines and leaks not included.

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