Spice Up Your Period With Saalt

Spice Up Your Period With Saalt

Feeling sexy and sultry on your period surely is not a requirement. Some of us prefer to go full turtle mode - slowing things down, curling into our little shells (or blankets in our case), and taking it easy. But some prefer to add a little spice to their period, and we think that is great too! 

Having your period should not be a defining factor in your ability to feel sexy, powerful, beautiful, and confident. That’s why we have specifically designed many Saalt products to not only allow for but also to encourage that side of you to come out of its shell.

The Saalt Disc is one of the most commonly considered reusable period products when it comes to getting frisky on your period. Menstrual discs are unique in that they are one of the only inserted period products that one can wear during penetrative sex. The Saalt Disc will sit in the higher and wider space of the vaginal canal called the vaginal fornix. It uses its rim to rest in place, so you won’t even notice it’s there! As you start to “heat up,” the cervix will move higher in the vaginal canal and take the disc with it. This plus the super soft and flexible basin of the disc creates the space needed for a penis, fingers, or toys to be inserted. 

Additionally, using a disc can make the experience a bit less messy since it keeps your period contained. Some don’t mind the mess - and we love that for you! But it is a particularly nice option for those who like to keep their periods more private during intimacy. 

Something you may not have considered when thinking about sexy period care is period underwear! Generally, the thought of period underwear likely brings to mind saggy bottoms and comfortable but not-so-cute fabrics and designs. You should be able to dance around in your underwear to Beyoncé any time of the month with confidence! So we came up with our Lace and Mesh Collection for our Saalt Wear leakproof underwear. And guess what? We just dropped gorgeous fresh colors and new styles! 

The Lace and Mesh Collection was designed in Paris and combines the beauty of design with the strength of our leakproof gusset. You will see lovely designs in this collection such as that of our Mesh Thong and Lace High Waist. Or perhaps you are looking for something more bold and go for the French Cut. There are so many options to choose from! 

Additions to the collection include even more coverage and higher capacity so that you can feel confident in look AND feel. We will now be offering the Mesh Hipster in Super absorbency. We have also adjusted the gusset length to support more front coverage. Another fun addition is the French Cut High Waist with a full gusset (yep, that’s front waistband to back waistband) option. Sacrificing style for protection will no longer have to be a consideration when choosing your period care. These styles will come in the lovely new colors Moonlit Mauve, Mountain Sage, Blue Rain, and Amber Stone.

Feeling sexy on your period with Saalt is also expanding to more people, with our size range in the Mesh Collection being offered in sizes XXS-4XL. Yes! We have extended sizes on both ends of our size range to provide more of our wonderful Saalt enthusiasts with the most comfortable, beautiful, and protective period underwear on the market. 

We hope you feel empowered in however you choose to period - whether that’s running a marathon, preparing for your honeymoon or anniversary, or even watching your comfort show with a bowl of popcorn. Saalt is here to support you however you choose to live your element. 

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