Tampon shortage? Saalt CEO, Cherie Hoeger, shares her thoughts.

Tampon shortage? Saalt CEO, Cherie Hoeger, shares her thoughts.

Tampon shortage caught your attention? Ours, too.

Interest in the reusable period care category has seen a significant uptick across the board since the tampon shortage started hitting U.S. news outlets. Last week we started to see sales increasing at Saalt both online and in retail stores as people are turning to alternative period care options.. We saw the same thing happen in the spring of 2020 when sales and customer inquiries rose by 60% when COVID caused massive shortages of consumer staples like toilet paper and personal hygiene products like pads and tampons. We believe that even a tampon shortage shouldn’t stop you from having access to high quality and comfortable period care.

Folks, this is the reason we started Saalt 5 years ago, to solve the dependency we have on a disposable supply chain that is neither good for the planet nor our wallets, nor is it sustainable in the long run.

Did you know? One Saalt Menstrual Cup replaces one full aisle of pads and tampons, and then some.

Like tampons, menstrual cups and discs are also inserted vaginally, but they collect, rather than absorb, your period flow. At just $29-$33, the Saalt Cup or Disc is an affordable alternative that pays for itself within just a few months, and because it's made of 100% medical-grade silicone that lasts up to 10 years (that’s as long as your passport!), it can save $1,500 or more over its 10-year life. 


Why I believe reusable products are the gold standard of the future.
I believe reusable products are the future that will replace disposables as the gold standard of period and leak care. 


Why am I so confident? Because they are a triple threat.

1. Reusable period products are hands-down more comfortable.

While people may turn to reusable menstrual cups and menstrual discs for cost savings, what usually surprises new users the most is how much more comfortable they are. Most cup users report that they feel menstrual cups less than tampons; they're often so sensationless that people forget they are on their period! One Saalt Menstrual Cup or Disc holds 3-6 times more than a tampon, allowing users to wear it for up to 12 hours.


Wearing beautiful period underwear with built-in absorbency like ours wins out any day to the discomfort of wearing a bulky pad you have to stick to your underwear and try to keep in place.

 2. They’re safer for both our bodies and the planet.

Reusable period products are the answer to the 20 billion menstrual products entering our waterways and landfills annually in the U.S. alone. One tampon takes longer to degrade than the lifespan of the person who wears it and tampon applicators are among the top single-use plastics found on our beaches! This has to change. 

 In contrast, Saalt Menstrual Cups and Discs are naturally odor-free, help maintain your natural pH because they don't absorb the natural moisture of the vagina, and they divert 3,000+ disposables from our landfills and waterways. 

3. Reusable period care is the answer to ending period poverty across the globe.

Over 60% of the menstruating world lives in period poverty, meaning they lack access to safe and reliable period care. This causes women and girls to miss work and school every month, and school dropout rates skyrocket as soon as girls hit puberty age. Add supply chain shortages and price increases to the mix, and those who feel the strain the most are those for whom accessing period care is already a financial challenge. Disposable products aren't affordable for those living in poverty, and many communities lack waste-management infrastructure to hygienically dispose of them. Reusables are the answer to both provide people with long-term period care options and solve waste disposal issues in developing nations. Saalt gives 2% of revenue to help support these initiatives around the world (learn more about our Impact here).  

Thinking of making the switch? You’re not alone.

With the interest we have seen in the past week given the tampon shortage, it shows that there are a lot of fence-sitters in the market who have contemplated switching to reusables and just need a nudge to give them a try. Our category normally sees that nudge occur from word-of-mouth referrals from loyal customers or when people are traveling to areas where disposable period products are hard to find, hiking or rafting in the wilderness where packing out soiled pads and tampons is much less appealing than packing a single menstrual cup, or experiencing financial setbacks where the cost-savings of reusables becomes a draw. It's been intriguing to see just how fast external factors like supply chain shortages can convert so many people to reusables so quickly, and once they convert, studies show that 91% never go back to traditional pads and tampons because of the comfort, convenience, and cost-savings of reusables.

At Saalt, our mission is to empower people to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies with the highest quality period and leak care products. We know trying something new can have a learning curve, especially during times of crisis. If you’re thinking of making the switch, rest assured, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Reach out anytime to our Saalt Coaches at sayhey@saalt.com or text 775-23-SAALT (72258) for personalized help. 


xo, Cherie

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