The Best Way to Sleep on Your Period - Saalt Cotton Sleep Short

The Best Way to Sleep on Your Period - Saalt Cotton Sleep Short

Sleeping during your period can be quite the task. Do you want to wake up in the middle of the night to change a pad or tampon? Does your cup tend to shift as you wiggle and groove in your sleep? Want to sleep on your tummy but find that no period underwear provides that leakproof coverage you need to do so? 

We have heard you, and we came up with something that we think will be your new favorite sleeping buddy. The Saalt Cotton Sleep Short is here to provide you with the best and most peaceful period sleep of your life.

Made from soft and breathable biodegradable natural cotton, they are just as comfortable as your regular underwear but with an extended gusset. That’s right, we have come out with a pair of period underwear that provide front-to-back coverage of our world-class Saalt gusset that you know and love. Plus, this style is high-waisted for even more peace of mind. Waist-band to waist-band, front-to-back protection so that you can rest easy. 

How can it get any better? We are so glad you asked. The absorbency of the gusset of our Sleep Short is our top of the line Super-absorbency gusset! Our Super-absorbency gusset replaces 6+ pads or 8+ regular tampons. This absorbency level is perfect for heavy flows and will give you the uninterrupted night of sleep that we all need more of these days. So wear those cute silky pajamas! Or hey, just your t-shirt and sleep shorts - your sheets are safe with Saalt.

The Sleep Short and its powerful gusset are not only for sleeping! They are perfect for a long road trip, a relaxing day at home, a busy day of errands, or any other time when you want to feel extra leakproof. 

Have any questions? Just reach out to our Saalt Coaches at HERE. They are happy to help with whatever you may need! We wish you the sweetest of dreams with your Saalt Cotton Sleep Short - knowing that Saalt has your back (and front!) covered. Get your pair HERE.
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