The Magic Behind Saalt’s Leakproof Underwear

The Magic Behind Saalt’s Leakproof Underwear

Whether you are new here or you were one of the first people to jump on the Saalt period underwear train, you may be wondering: How in the world does that thin pair of underwear hold my flow? How does leakproof underwear work? You are telling me this beautiful Lace Hipster  is going to protect me from leaks and keep me comfortable? (Hint: the answer to that one is yes!)

Well, wonder no more! We have the answers you’re looking for!

Our team had been doing some research into the current period underwear options on the market and were just not satisfied with what they were finding. There is a myth going around in the period underwear world that says thicker gussets are “safer” and more leakproof. But that is simply not the case!

The patent-pending gusset technology that is the worker-bee inside Saalt Wear is an innovation three and a half years in the making. We did not set out to make just another pair of period panties; we set out to make the BEST period underwear so that you can wear that favorite pair of jeans with confidence. We found that our thinner, more flexible gusset far outperformed other brands and left wearers feeling drier and happier!

So, how does it work?

The gusset in Saalt period underwear is made up of four layers. The top layer of the gusset is designed to transport liquid away from your skin and effectively pulls moisture down through the layer, away from your body, leaving you feeling magically dry and comfortable. 

The second layer is super absorbent, specially constructed to be able to hold 3 times its weight in liquid. It’s so absorbent that it holds the liquid away from your body, preventing it from resurfacing until it’s washed out. 

The third layer of the gusset is the moisture-locking layer. This is the ‘waterproof’ layer that doesn’t allow any liquid to leak through, but is still remarkably soft and breathable. It moves with you and doesn’t feel too hot, while still preventing any fluid from leaking.

We combine these functional gusset fabrics with a variety of outer body fabrics that make up the main garment. The body fabric also helps fit the gusset perfectly to your body for the highest comfort and best protection, making sure that you look and feel confident on your period and every day. Each Saalt Wear collection has a different fabric for a different focus. The Comfort Collection is made from impossibly soft and sustainable TENCEL™ Modal for the days when comfort is paramount. The body fabric in our Lace & Mesh collection is a silky post-consumer recycled polyester that is as good for the planet as it is for your confidence. 

If you are a visual learner and have to see it to believe it, check out this awesome video! 

Keep in mind that how you are using your period underwear will affect how it will absorb your flow. Flows come in all kinds of different consistencies and volumes. Whether you are using them as a backup to your menstrual cup or menstrual disc or you prefer to free flow will impact how the leakproof underwear will work for you. So be sure to pick the absorbency level that fits with your needs and always test them out for the first time at home to best understand your flow and wear time. We want you to succeed so always feel free to reach out to our Saalt Coaches at if you have any questions on which pair or bundle might be right for you!

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