Top 10 Period Essentials Kit

Your period comes once a month—be prepared to #haveyourbestperiodever with our period essentials guide.

1. Women's Perfectly Cozy Notch Collar Pajama Set

Perfectly Cozy pajamas

We don't know about you, but we LIVE for being comfy during our period. Say hello to the softest pajamas you'll ever put on your body. Serious there a limit to how many times you can wear these in a row? (spoiler - the answer is no!)

2. ClaryCalm Monthly Blend for Women

Clary calm

Emotional? It's ok! Us too - this essential oil blend is calming magic in a roller bottle. Catch us rolling it all over ourselves all cycle long.

3. Huggable Uterus Cooling + Heating Pad

Uterus Cooling + Heating Pad

Oh hi cutie! Meet our favorite snuggly hot pack. Cuddle up with this pad and melt all of your bad vibes away.

4. Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Justin's PB cup

Ok Justin's, we see you. WE CAN'T STOP EATING THESE. Cure those period cravings with these delicious peanut butter cups. They're organic...which means it's basically like eating a salad right?

5. Ballet Slipper Throw Blanket


One word. HEAVEN. We have never wrapped ourselves in such luxury until the day we found this blanket. Saranoni, we are obsessed.

6. 24 oz Standard Mouth Hydro Flask

Hydro flask

It's important to stay hydrated during your cycle, and to do so it helps to have a great water bottle on hand! Drink up so you can say Bye Bye Bye to period cramps and bloating!

7. The DUO Pack Saalt Menstrual Cups

Saalt Duo pack

Your best friend during your period! If you could choose one period essential product, it should be this one! Saalt Cups are literally life changing-and they're totally cute. We are true period cup believers.

8. Saalt Wear Leakproof High Waist Brief

Model wearing Saalt period underwear

Period underwear—full coverage, full comfort, full protection. The silky, soft & stretchy body fabric of this pair of Saalt Wear will keep you comfortable and fresh! This will be your new favorite panty!

9. Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray

Honest hand sanitizer spray

We may be a teensy bit dramatic about this hand sanitizer...but we're pretty sure we can't live without it. Clean hands are a top priority around here!

10. Curad Alcohol Prep Pads

Curad prep pads

The easiest way to clean your cup on the go! Use these alcohol wipes to get your menstrual cup squeaky clean!

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