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Traveling on Your Period

Bags are packed. You've planned your vacation capsule wardrobe and rolled everything into your carry-on. Your collection of subscription box sample sized beauty products are packed in a clear makeup bag ready for TSA and you've finished up the last of your emails. Everything is set until your stomach drops and you realize ... Your period is starting the first day of your vacation.

Full crisis mode sets in as you frantically jam in boxes of tampons, dark colored shorts and ibuprofen. Will a heating pad fit? Your dreams of a perfectly planned tropical vacay fly out the window as your monthly chin zit tenant shows up.

Now, we at Saalt cannot control the period tide in its painful, unpredictable entirety, but there is one major problem in this scenario we can solve.

Namely, how you can save that precious luggage space and the unintentional workout of running back and forth several times a day to change your chlorine-filled tampon. Let's not forget about the stress of trying to find tampons on a trip because many countries only sell pads, or the annoyance of making sure that tiny little white string isn't hanging out of your swim bottoms.

The Saalt Cup is here to save you. You take your cup and insert it into your vagina, put on your bathing suit, no strings attached. Depending on your personal flow, the Saalt cup can stay in place for up to twelve hours. Twelve hours of pool-hopping, running up your tab at the bar, *safely* getting some sun and catching up on the latest beach read. (Speaking of which, totally pack this one for a laugh.)

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All you need to do to clean your cup is to empty it out in the toilet, shower or sink, rinse and re-insert. Plan on this once in the morning, once at night. You know, kind of like brushing your teeth. Or once or twice more depending on your flow. Ah, life is simpler already.

Being on your period while in your tropical paradise can be considered the absolute killjoy, thief of relaxation and all things zen. We can't promise the Saalt cup with restore all peace and justice to your getaway. Periods still bring mood swings, pain, and shall we say, the need to go, but it can save you all the mental energy you'd waste on tampons and having to change them halfway through your jungle excursion.

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Still have 80 tampons in your suitcase? Here are a few more reasons you need to ditch the cotton.

A Saalt Cup goes farther than any tampon could go. Its soft bulb shape retains its shape and strong seal so you can stop worrying about leakage through your bikini bottoms. Instead of a sponge-like substance soaking up seawater along with period blood, (thanks tampons) your Saalt Cup only collects what you need it to via its non-toxic silicone build.

Make sure to learn how to use the Saalt Cup for a couple of periods before you go to ensure the utmost relaxation on your trip. Getting it down to a science takes time—it can take two cycles to feel totally confident using it.

Using a menstrual cup on a long flight saves you from the balancing act of changing your tampon in an airplane bathroom. You're set—unless you are literally flying across the world on a flight longer than twelve hours. In that case, we wish you a safe flight and recommend bringing a wipe in the bathroom with you to clean your cup before reinsertion.

Remember your frantic packing scenario? Forget it with the Saalt Cup. It takes up less space than your bottle of sunscreen. We can hear your sigh of relief from here knowing nothing carefully stashed in your suitcase will have to be eliminated to make room for tampons. You've earned this trip and your period is tagging along. So what? Live your element no matter what time of the month it is or where you are.

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