Wedding Season: The benefits of a menstrual disc for a new bride

Wedding Season: The benefits of a menstrual disc for a new bride

Why a Menstrual Disc is Your New Best Friend as a New Bride

Hey there, bride-to-be! You’ve got a million things on your mind right now – planning your wedding, organizing your new life, and making sure everything is perfect. One thing you shouldn’t have to stress about? Your period. Let’s talk about the menstrual disc, the unsung hero you didn’t know you needed. Here’s why it’s perfect for all the new things coming your way.

1. All-Day Protection

Imagine not having to worry about changing your tampon or pad every few hours. Menstrual discs can be worn for up to 12 hours. That’s right – all-day protection. Whether you’re running around with last-minute wedding prep or relaxing on your honeymoon, you won’t have to keep running to the bathroom to check period care products. Even better, back up your menstrual disc with a pair of period underwear for all day, stress-free wedding coverage. 

2. Super Comfy and Undetectable

Menstrual discs are held in place by your body’s structure; they sit just below your cervix & rest on your pubic bone. They’re far from the sensitive parts where tampons go, so it’s like they disappear (but in a good way). No discomfort, no awkwardness – just comfort and confidence. Perfect for those intimate moments or when you just want to feel at ease.

3. Eco-Friendly Choice

We all want to do our bit for the planet, right? Menstrual discs are reusable, meaning less waste compared to disposable products. Starting your new life together with sustainable choices can be a great feeling. Plus, you’ll be cutting down on your environmental footprint.

4. Budget-Friendly

Weddings, and all the fun festivities that come along with them, can sometimes break the bank. In the long term, menstrual discs can save you thousands of dollars, so go ahead and spring for the chocolate fountain ;).

5. Intimacy Without Interruptions

Here’s a little secret: menstrual discs can be worn during sex. Yep, no mess, no stress. So you and your new spouse can stay close and intimate even when you’re on your period. It’s a game-changer for those special honeymoon nights.

6. Less Cramps, More Comfort

Some users find that menstrual discs actually help reduce cramps. They sit in a way that puts less pressure on your cervix, which can be a relief during your period. Imagine enjoying your time with fewer cramps to worry about. 

Last Call!

The menstrual disc is here to make your life easier, especially during this exciting time. With all the benefits it offers – from all-day wear to eco-friendliness to intimacy perks – it’s a fantastic addition to your new bride toolkit. Unlike those guests that might complain about the buffet, the disc is only here to support you on your big day and beyond!

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