Why You Need Seamless!

Why You Need Seamless!

Your favorite period underwear has a new look! Introducing the Saalt Wear Seamless Collection! Perfect for that afternoon in the gym or night out on the town. Wherever you go, your Seamless Saalt Wear will be there with you.  

Life does not stop for your period - and neither should you! That’s why we created our Seamless Collection - so that you can lift weights or attend that black-tie event knowing that you are set.

Powered with the same highly absorbent gusset technology of the Saalt Wear you know and love, the body of the Seamless collection is made with fabric that feels like a second skin, maintaining its fit and shape while molding to your body. This allows the fabric to lay flat to the skin with a sleek and smooth fit, eliminating those panty lines that may hold you back. This super-powered stretch is made with ultra-durable LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber, so your body-skimming fit lasts wear after wear. Because you should be able to have the period protection you need AND be confident in your clothes. 

Looking for period underwear that provides coverage but will also leave you feeling clean and comfortable during your workout? Seamless is perfect! These underwear will stretch with you, which makes it perfect for that intense Pilates workout, pregnancy, or even the bloat and weight changes that come throughout your cycle. 




Just bought a fantastic form-fitting power suit and need some underwear that won’t leave panty lines AND will keep your flow contained? Look no further! Seamless has got you covered. These period underwear have been cut and constructed to lay flat against you, giving you the perfect balance of leak- and line-free. 

This collection comes with multiple different absorbency options, so whether you want to use yours as a backup to a period cup or disc, or as your primary form of period protection, you can find something that works for you! They are available in two different colors - Volcanic Black and Smooth Terracotta. Here are the styles with their absorbency options: 

So give them a look! Then a purchase . . .  and then a wear! We are sure your transition to Saalt Wear will be seamless

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