Wimbledon - White skirt approved

Wimbledon - White skirt approved

Serving Up Confidence: Embrace White on Your Period, Wimbledon Style!

Ah, Wimbledon! The quintessential tennis tournament known for its strict all-white dress code, strawberries and cream (yum!), and exhilarating matches. But imagine this: stepping out in your own pristine white outfit while you’re on your period, without a care in the world. Sounds like a risky serve, right? Well, at Saalt we’re fully prepared to lob that ball up and serve away!

The Culture of Shame: Breaking the Taboo

For far too long, there's been a culture of shame around wearing white on your period. The fear of leaks and stains has haunted us, dictating our wardrobe choices and cramping our style (boo!). But just like the fierce competitors at Wimbledon, it's time to face these fears head-on and show everyone that nothing can hold us back from living our best lives—even on our period.

Seamless Confidence: No VPLs with Saalt Wear

Wimbledon players move with grace and precision, and they do it all without worrying about visible panty lines (VPLs). Why should it be any different for someone on their period? Enter Seamless Saalt Wear—your secret weapon for feeling fabulous in white. These magical garments ensure no VPLs, so you can strut your stuff with confidence, knowing you’re fully supported. Period panties, leakproof underwear, period underwear…whatever you want to call them, they’ve got you covered. And you might be asking, “how does period underwear work?” Well, other people might call it magic. We call it 3 ½ years of R&D and a team of impassioned menstruators obsessing over perfection. Saalt Wear leakproof underwear is made with moisture-separating gusset technology that wicks away wetness to leave your skin feeling drier longer; the magic of our tech is in the weave of our gusset cloth. Our thin, but highly absorbent inner layer absorbs up to 3x its weight in liquid and traps moisture beneath the first layer until it’s time to wash. This patent-pending combination means Saalt Wear is thinner, drier, and more comfortable than other period care options on the market. Bonus perk: it's better for the planet too.

12-Hour Wear: Ace Your Day

Tennis matches can last for hours, just like our busy schedules. Thankfully, Saalt Cups and Discs can outlast those matches by providing 12 hours of worry-free protection. That means you can go from morning meetings to afternoon tennis matches without a pit stop. Our period cups and menstrual discs are designed for ultimate comfort and reliability, so you can focus on taking down the competition, not your period.

Living Your Element: Own the Court

Whether you’re on the tennis court or just living your everyday life, living your element means being your true self, unapologetically. Wearing white on your period isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a declaration of confidence and freedom. With Saalt, you can feel empowered to live boldly and fearlessly, no matter the time of the month.

Game, Set, Match!

So, next time you reach for that stunning white dress or those crisp white pants, remember that you’ve got the ultimate advantage with Saalt. Break free from the culture of shame, eliminate VPLs with Seamless Saalt Wear, enjoy 12-hour protection with our menstrual cups and menstrual discs, and live your element with confidence. Because when it comes to your period, you’re always ready to ace it!

At Saalt, we believe in empowering you to live your best life, every day of the month. Discover our range of sustainable period care products, including the best menstrual cup and the best period underwear, and join acing those monthly matches.

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