Your Newest Leakproof Super-Hero

Your Newest Leakproof Super-Hero

Your favorite pair of period underwear just got upgraded! You asked, and we responded. Is it possible to get a pair of period underwear with an even higher absorbency while keeping it as thin and comfortable as before? We did some experimenting and guess what? It is possible! And here it is - Saalt Wear Super.

Saalt Wear Super is an exciting new addition to our incredibly soft Comfort line. It is the perfect fit for the person who loves the feel of the coziness of the Comfort Collection but is in need of period underwear with extra protection. It is launching in our Comfort Boyshort, Comfort Brief and Comfort Bikini. That’s right - THREE different styles to choose from! Hello options. 

If you are looking for the ultimate leakproof experience, look no further. Our Super gussets are still going to give you the dry and leak-free feeling of our other absorbencies but with increased capacity. And yep, it’s still so thin, you won’t even notice you are wearing period underwear. Think Saalt Wear Super will be your period superhero? It’s certainly ours!

Saalt Wear Super is a great choice for more than just period care. Those sudden bladder leaks can also benefit from this strong and mighty leakproof underwear. You shouldn't have to walk with caution throughout your life. So go ahead and run, bend, lift, and laugh knowing that Saalt Wear Super has got you covered. 

Pregnancy and post-partum are challenging enough, why should your leak protection contribute to that? Substitute those scratchy pads for a pair of Saalt Wear Super and give your behind the extra love it deserves. 

Saalt Wear Super is being introduced in our classic Volcanic Black color as well as two new colors - Midnight Sky and Olive Grove. These colors were specifically chosen to fit that fall and winter vibe, while maintaining the style and class of the Saalt Wear you know and love.

If you are ready for even dreamier sleep and increased confidence, Saalt Wear Super is waiting for you.


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