Saalt Equality MaskBlack mask with adjustable ear straps.

Saalt Equality Mask

$4 $8
Saalt Soft CupSaalt Soft Cup

Saalt Soft Cup

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Saalt Teen CupSaalt Teen Cup

Saalt Teen Cup

Saalt Twin PackSaalt Twin Pack

Saalt Twin Pack

Saalt reusable tote bag.

Saalt Wear Tote Bag

Guide about menstruation.The Bright Girl Guide.

The Bright Girl Guide eBook

Saalt Soft menstrual cups.Bundle with sustainable period products.

The Starter Period Bundle

$84 $98
Saalt Soft menstrual cups.Saalt period bundle that includes three styles of period underwear, two menstrual cups, and a period cup cleaner.

The Ultimate Period Bundle

$128 $171