Saalt CupSaalt Cup

Saalt Cup

Saalt Soft CupSaalt Soft Cup

Saalt Soft Cup

Saalt Teen CupSaalt Teen Cup

Saalt Teen Cup

Saalt Duo Pack

Saalt Duo Pack

Saalt Twin PackSaalt Twin Pack

Saalt Twin Pack

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Saalt Cup Wash.Saalt menstrual cup cleaner.

Saalt Cup Wash

Blue Saalt menstrual cup bag.Pink Saalt menstrual cup bag.

Saalt Cup Bag

Rich Earth | Saalt period underwear in brown.Volcanic Black | Saalt Wear Elemental Mesh Hipster in Volcanic Black.

Elemental Mesh Hipster

Leak proof underwear in thong style. Pebble Grey | Model wearing Saalt Wear thong period underwear in gray.

Elemental Thong

Pebble Grey | Model wearing leak proof underwear in gray.Pebble Grey | Model wearing Saalt lace hipster period underwear in gray.

Elemental Lace Hipster

Pebble Grey | Model wearing high waist leak proof underwear in grey.Pebble Grey | Model wearing Saalt Wear high waist period underwear.

Elemental High Waist Brief

Desert Sand | Model wearing Saalt bikini leak proof underwear.Quartz Blush | Model wearing Saalt bikini period underwear.

Elemental Bikini

Saalt Soft menstrual cups.Bundle with sustainable period products.

The Starter Period Bundle

$84 $98
Saalt Soft menstrual cups.Saalt period bundle that includes three styles of period underwear, two menstrual cups, and a period cup cleaner.

The Ultimate Period Bundle

$128 $171
A mom wearing period underwear, while holding her baby in arms. Three styles of Saalt period underwear: high waist, lace hipster, and mesh hipster.

Elemental Essentials Bundle

$88 $111
Saalt Period Equiality Hat Period Progress baseball hat with mensrtrual cup design.

Period Progress Hat

Saalt Equality MaskBlack mask with adjustable ear straps.

Saalt Equality Mask

$4 $8
Saalt reusable tote bag.

Saalt Wear Tote Bag

eGift Card for all Saalt sustainable products.

eGift Card

From $30
Guide about menstruation.The Bright Girl Guide.

The Bright Girl Guide eBook