How do I know what size
menstrual cup I should get?

When it comes to choosing a size, there are a few factors to consider like age, pelvic floor health, and cervix height. The easiest way to find your perfect size is to take our Saalt cup quiz below.

Find the Perfect Fit

Take the Saalt period cup quiz to find the best size and firmness for your most comfortable period.

Saalt Comes in 3 sizes

Saalt offers menstrual cups in three sizes (regular, small, and teen). The small and regular sizes are available in two firmness levels (the original firmness Saalt Cup and the softer Saalt Soft), and our Teen Cup firmness is right in between. Many people can wear either size or firmness comfortably, but one may be more comfortable.

While flow and cervix height are important indicators, also consider:

  • Teen/Petite Physique: If you're a younger person or very petite, you may consider starting off with our teen menstrual cup.
  • Vaginal Insertion: If you haven't comfortably inserted anything in your vagina before, we recommend the size small.
  • Childbirth: If you've carried a pregnancy to term, you may prefer the size regular.
  • How to find the right size for you

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